Baidu is on the 360 search whether "over line" to consult the legal people

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Qihoo 360 Chairman Zhou 祎

Zhou Hongyi said 360 search growth was more than expected; Search results were crawled, Baidu asked legal people if 360 is "over line"

Beijing News (reporter Liu Xia) 360 into the bureau to the search market to bring "vibration." Yesterday, in the company's second quarter of 2012 earnings conference call, Qihoo 360 Chairman Zhou Hongyi (micro-Bo) said that 360 of the search since the increase in traffic far more than expected. Baidu yesterday said that the search results were 360 crawl, Baidu is consulting legal people.

 Search share into doubt

360 search was unveiled on August 16 and became the default search engine for 360 Web navigation and 360 browsers.

This Tuesday, Jinshan Network CEO Fu Sheng (micro-Bo) said, "360 Search online five days, in the user almost no sense of the rapid capture of nearly 10% of domestic market share, beyond the Sogou, become the second largest search engine in the country." ”

Science and technology information site "Webmaster House" and mobile communication community "Android Forum" published data show that 360 search has surpassed Sogou, becoming the second largest source of traffic after Baidu.

Auto House founder Li Xiang yesterday also said, "360 has been twice in the third search engine Sogou, search volume for Baidu 16%, the top three users no difference in quality." "He believes that the most sensible thing for 360 to do is to extend the user experience to Baidu, and to remove advertising, rather than innovate aggressively." "For the user, the continuation of the habit is more important than the innovation of the function." ”

Zhou Hongyi that the reason for the surge in traffic is that Chinese users have been trained to use search in browsers and navigation stations.

But Fu Sheng and several websites say the data is widely questioned. The analysis organization thousand tree data cites the Alexa Data publication report said, 27 main website's upstream website does not have 360 searches. The market share of 360 searches is not yet clear, as several reputable data research institutions have yet to release the August search market data.

360: Still in beta phase

For the search business just launched, 360 said yesterday, "still in the testing phase." 360 Initial development orientation is Community search, although the business focus shifted to the security field, but the search team intact, search technology is continuing to develop, has never stopped. "360 related officials said, search engine technology has been developed for more than 10 years, technology is not mysterious, search has been from the technical threshold to the user experience threshold."

"Users are quite dissatisfied with existing searches and I believe that as long as continuous improvement, 360 search will become a very important participant." Zhou Hongyi explained that although Google's search results experience is good, Chinese users are often unable to access, or access is interrupted.

At present 360 search is called "Comprehensive Search", Web page, video use 360 search platform, jump out of search results basically from other search engine (a kind of technology crawling called crawler). News, pictures, music, map search, etc. or by Baidu, Google, Sogou provided.

 Opponent reaction

Baidu: Consulting the legal people

For 360 launched the search business, Baidu related personage yesterday said, in 360 of the search box typing content, jumped out of most of the page or Baidu search results, so the market share of Baidu Impact is not big.

As a result of the "crawl" mode, currently 360 search out of the search results are basically from other search engines, including Baidu.

Sogou related people released data shows that the current 360 of the search results, the first and Baidu the same proportion of more than 38%, far higher than Google, Sogou.

Baidu is not conclusive about whether the model violates relevant laws and regulations. According to the introduction, Baidu is consulting legal people.

Baidu's shares fell 5.67% per cent in Tuesday, trading at $123.49 a share, the biggest drop in the past 10 months, amid fears that competition from Qihoo 360 would hurt Baidu's revenue.

On the same day, Qihoo 360 to 21.1 U.S. dollars, Rose 4.4%.

  Sogou: To prevent unfair competition

In the 360 search on the day, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaoquan said, "Netizens have more choice is a good thing." But the search technology needs to accumulate for a long time, we also have to worry about bad quality with improper means to harm the user. I've heard that the research and development process has some ' extreme means ' beyond the bottom line. ”

Wang Xiaoquan said, "to prevent unfair competition means, make search market more orderly." ”

Then the next day, Sogou issued a test. The results showed that 360 search overall effect is slightly better than search, but still behind Baidu, Google and Sogou.

In this evaluation, 360 search in the hot Word query effect is better, and Baidu, Sogou flat, significantly better than Google and search, 360 in the long tail word effect is poor, obviously behind Baidu, Sogou and Google.


The search market ushered in the PK-type marketing?

360 to enter the search market, so that the Chinese search market since 2010 Google China moved to Hong Kong again ushered in a new change.

Since the previous 360 and Jinshan, Tencent and other companies have a number of "war", so the industry believes that the more calm search market will be due to the 360 into the Bureau and become lively.

In 360 launched the second day of search, Baidu launched a "Search Security alliance", announced the joint security manufacturers to form a security alliance to combat fishing, illegal, fraud and other sites.

This is interpreted as a "complement", Baidu to prevent 360 in the name of security launch attack.

Yesterday 360 to this also has the statement: will equally, to Baidu, Google, Sogou, 360 comprehensive search results in the risk of the site are labeled.

In addition, yesterday users found that 360 search questions and answers were replaced by Qihoo. Baidu is the corresponding introduction of "Reminder bar." If the user uses Qihoo search, its browser will appear yellow reminder bar: "You are through the odd tiger search to visit Baidu know, such as the hope to obtain a complete quality Baidu search experience, you can set the Baidu homepage or Baidu to add to the desktop." "If you use other search engines, Baidu will not prompt users."


360 and Baidu is not a measure level

Yesterday, 360 released its second-quarter earnings in 2012, with a revenue of $72.8 million, a 107.3% increase from $35.1 million a year earlier, and a net profit of 7 million dollars, down 11.1 million from a year earlier. The decline was mainly attributable to increased staffing and infrastructure costs resulting from the continued introduction of new products.

Earlier, Baidu released its second-quarter earnings, Baidu's second quarter to achieve total revenue of 858.8 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 59.8%, net profit of 436 million U.S. dollars, compared with the same period last year, growth of 69.6%.

In terms of financial data, the two are not at a level of magnitude. There is analysis that, with the use of import flow, 360 gain market share is inevitable, but the most affected is not Baidu, but Sogou and Google. Because the previous default search engine for 360 browsers is Google, and Sogou is seeking listings. Baidu did search for many years, in the upstream and downstream support, as well as bar, Baidu Encyclopedia content layout, not 360 easy to pry. Search market regardless of foreign, or domestic market, the basic is to show the win-take-all situation.

However, it is also pointed out that, including mobile Internet, Baidu in the client behind too much, not conducive to its long-term development.


Zhou Hongyi's search complex

Search is Zhou Hongyi's favorite thing to do. In 1998, he started with the Chinese web site "3721", and in the days that followed, tried the search on the platform.

When China's internet was at a low ebb in 2003, Zhou Hongyi sold 3721 to Yahoo for 120 million dollars, then the president of Yahoo China and left in 2005.

Since then, Zhou 祎 "away" from the search.

For this experience, Zhou 祎 expressed regret.

Memories of the original, Zhou Hongyi said that the market has been Baidu, and then took the brand, there are search Yahoo handed out the olive branch. From this he concluded that do not only stare at opponents, must be pegged to the user needs, and must adhere to their own business, do not easily say give up.

"I sold 3721 and Ma Yun (Weibo) to sell Alibaba 40% of the same starting point is the same, MA certainly also regret doing this deal." Zhou Hongyi said that the first round of the game he made a wrong choice, lost the game, the results of Tencent, Baidu success.

In 2006, Zhou Hongyi became the head of the Qihoo network. At that time, Qihoo under the Tiger Network Forum search, Qihoo Life Search, and 360 security Guardian software and other products.

In fact, the 360 initial development position was Community search, which later shifted direction to the security field.

Through the free anti-virus software, 360 gradually in the security field of the market bigger, and then use security guards, browsers, web site navigation and other products occupy the PC user's "entrance."

These "entrances" gave Zhou Hongyi the clout to get into the search market again.

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