Baidu promotion-a new perspective of Search Marketing

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Author: Baidu Marketing Research Institute Series name: Baidu certified Series Publishing House: Electronic Industry Publishing House ISBN: 9787121203114 Release Date: May 2013 Release Date: 16 open pages: 316 versions: 1-1 category: more about economic management, Baidu promotion, a new perspective of search marketing, and a book on economic management Baidu promotion are the most mainstream methods to achieve search marketing in China, with powerful functions, flexible serving, and remarkable results, thousands of enterprises are benefiting from this. Baidu promotion-a new perspective of search marketing, officially produced by Baidu and completed by a team of senior experts from Baidu Marketing Research Institute. The book is designed to be practical. It contains the most popular operation methods and optimization analysis methods in Baidu promotion. It provides in-depth and detailed explanations on each knowledge point and uses a large number of practical cases, this article systematically introduces the Baidu promotion system and its application in practice. The book is based on practical experience and keeps up with the latest enterprise requirements. From the overall strategy to detailed implementation, it helps readers understand the core content of Baidu promotion at the fastest speed. The book is divided into nine chapters, each chapter is a summary of independent knowledge points, the content covers search marketing basics, Baidu promotion principles, Baidu search promotion, Baidu wangmeng promotion, Baidu commercial product analysis, Baidu promotion methods for enterprises, and Baidu certification system. Each chapter provides a general and detailed explanation of knowledge points to facilitate your understanding and learning. Both beginners of SEM and optimizers with certain experience can learn the required knowledge in the book. At the same time, Baidu promotion-New Perspective of search marketing is a preliminary tutorial of Baidu certification, which is suitable for readers who are preparing to take the Baidu preliminary Certification Examination. Contents: Baidu promotion-New Perspective of search marketing chapter 1st understanding of consumer insights in search engine marketing 11.1 basic marketing knowledge 11.1.1 big data environment-siva11.1.2 analysis of common marketing concepts 21.1.3 definition of marketing communication problems 31.1.4 marketing Communication elements 51.1.5 marketing communication means 81.2 cognitive search engine 91.2.1 dictionary 91.2.2 full-footprint snow 111.2.3 key 121.2.4 bridge 121.3 marketing value from search engine to search platform 131.3.1 essential search platform 131.3.2 search platform 141.4 search engine commercialization history 141.4.1 early difficult exploration 151.4.2 overture exclusive path 151.4.3 Baidu and google new 16. chapter 2 initial knowledge of search marketing principles 2nd Baidu search promotion overview 182.1.1 development history of Baidu search promotion 182.1.2 Basic Search promotion mode 192.1.3 search path 182.1 search promotion display rules and forms 212.2.1 search result page payment and non-paid link layout 212.2.2 search promotion display rules 222.2.3 search promotion display channel 242.2.4 diverse display forms 252.3 search promotion overall process 252.4 search promotion ranking principle 272.4.1 search promotion price ranking principle 272.4.2 about quality 292.4.3 about bidding 312.4.4 promotion click price algorithm 32 Chapter 3rd Baidu search promotion 343.1 overview 343.1.1 Baidu search promotion process 343.1.2 Baidu search promotion solution 353.2 serving target analysis 353.2.1 understanding advertiser serving demand 363.2.2 serving target consideration factor 363.3 general skills for account structure setup and optimization 403.3.1 account structure setup 403.3.2 structure division for different types of accounts 413.3.3 optimization summary 423.3.4 account structure example 423.4 keyword optimization strategy 433.4.1 process for creating a keyword scheme 433.4.2 keyword post-Optimization 553.5 Basic Requirements for creative ad optimization strategies 573.5.1 creative 573.5.2 URL link setting and optimization 613.5.3 creative display methods and quantity 623.5.4 creative ad optimization 633.5.5 a/B testing and creative optimization 653.6 search promotion account setting 693.6.1 set the daily consumption quota for the region 693.6.2 703.6.3 promotion period 703.6.4 IP exclusion 713.7 account data monitoring and optimization 713.7.1 key optimization indicators explanation 713.7.2 account check method 763.7.3 optimized sample analysis process 783.7.4 data cross analysis 843.8 Baidu search promotion process 873.8.1 overall process overview 873.8.2 qualification preparation before promotion 873.8.3 material preparation before promotion 893.8.4 promotion materials launch 893.8.5 testing period management 923.8.6 stability Period Management 92 chapter 4th Baidu wangmeng promotion 964.1 wangmeng promotion overview 964.1.1 wangmeng promotion advantage 974.1.2 the marketing value of wangmeng 994.2 approaching wangmeng's promotion 1004.2.1 platform operating mechanism 1004.2.2 audience targeting technology 1004.2.3 creative presentation form 4.2.4 billing method 1084.3 wangmeng's promotion and advertising solution formulation thoughts and preparations before launching ipv4.3.1 20174.3.2 advertising promotion process 1104.3.3 promotion target setting 1114.3.4 advertising strategy formulation 1114.3.5 account construction 1134.3.6 fine serving 1194.3.7 originality writing 1214.4 data monitoring and optimization 1234.4.1 Network Alliance Data Monitoring Method 1234.4.2 Network Alliance optimization method 1244.5 Network Alliance promotion of optimization tools 1254.5.1 network alliance system optimization tools 1254.5.2 Network Alliance promotion value-added tools 1304.6 Network Alliance promotion success stories sharing 136 chapter 5th cases highlights 1405.1 necessity of brand words and vehicle model words placement strategies for automobile enterprises 1405.1.1 case study: 1405.1.2 brand words and vehicle model words necessity 1415.1.3 brand words and vehicle model words are necessary carrier for automobile enterprises to transmit information 1415.1.4 brand words and vehicle model words are necessary for brand image promotion 1425.1.5 brand words and vehicle model words serving strategies 1425.2 search marketing assists e-commerce festival marketing in the new media age 1445.2.1 case study background 1445.2.2 grasp holiday marketing time points 1455.2.3 keyword display of holiday marketing 1465.2.4 brand area with SEM display 1485.2.5 summary 1495.3 how search PATH helps marketing blue ocean 1505.3.1 case study background 1505.3.2 the concept of search path is introduced to 1505.3.3 summary 1525.4 multi-pronged approach, search assists in online game marketing "Closing" 1525.4.1 case study background 1525.4.2 multiline marketing Resource Integration 1535.4.3 word selection strategy 1545.4.4 summary 1545.5 financial and insurance industry -- life insurance search engine marketing strategy 1545.5.1 case background 1545.5.2 brand promotion 1565.5.3 effect promotion 1575.5.4 summary 1585.6 construction of multi-product line accounts in e-commerce industry 1595.6.1 case studies background 1595.6.2 construction of E-Commerce Promotion accounts 1605.6.3 summary 1635.7 time laws of search and marketing in the education industry 1635.7.1 case studies background 1655.7.4 language training industry 1675.7.5 vocational education industry 1685.7.6 overview chapter 169 Baidu marketing platform Beyond Search 6th Baidu marketing product background profile 1716.1 corporate brand promotion window -- brand area 1746.2.1 what is brand area 1746.2.2 brand Area display style 1756.2.3 brand area marketing value 1846.2.4 brand Area Case 1856.2.5 FAQ 1866.3 innovative brand promotion platform -- brand landmark 1876.3.1 brand landmark what is 1876.3.2 brand landmark display style 1876.3.3 product features and meaning 6.3.4 classic case study 1916.3.5 FAQ 1926.4 activate lbs marketing promotion -- Baidu map promotion 1926.4.1 Baidu map promotion introduction 1926.4.2 why use Baidu map promotion 1926.5 more precise SNS marketing -- Post Bar promotion 1946.5.1 what is Post Bar promotion 1946.5.2 Product resources and features 1956.5.3 typical case 2006.5.4 faq q & a2016.6 business opportunities in the mobile age -- wireless search promotion 2026.6.1 wireless search promotion overview 2026.6.2 wireless search promotion presentation form 2026.7 enterprise app promotion tool -- wireless search app promotion 2046.7.1 why do I need to promote a wireless search app? 2046.7.2 how to join a wireless search app? 2066.7.3 FAQ Q & a2076.8 precise positioning of mobile content resources-Wireless Alliance's 2086.8.1 Mobile Network Alliance's Development and Status Quo 2086.8.2 mobile integrated Use of marketing products 2096.9.1 internet marketing development background 2096.9.2 marketing product portfolio strategy 2106.9.3 summary 213 chapter 7th Baidu promotion tools collect 2147.1 website traffic analysis tools-Baidu statistics 2147.1.1 Baidu Statistics Overview 2147.1.2 Baidu statistics Installation Guide 2167.1.3 Baidu statistics function introduction 2207.1.4 website analysis dimension 229

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