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Baidu has a strong reputation on the line has been one weeks, so many webmasters are talking about the credibility of Baidu things, the so-called is the streets (large stations) are wandering Ah! It is conceivable that everyone is very concerned about the credibility of Baidu launched the issue, the author of SEO empty city that the so-called "Baidu reputation" is the relationship between the site and users, And the relationship between the website and Baidu is the relationship between the trade and Industry Bureau and the company! You need a certificate to have a customer you trust.

For example, the author of Seo empty city in Baidu search "buy home appliances" you will see in front of the Beijing East, Gome, Suning, Haier are basically V3 signs, these are the lowest grade is the V1 the highest is the V3, V1 can only refer to can be assured access, V2 can feel at ease to buy and trade, V3 has reached the front two all permissions is sustainable trust, from the technical point of view, this is easy to understand, this is also a performance of Baidu's user experience.


To allow users to choose a trustworthy web site to buy their own items, this is nothing but a great thing to do, if you as a user rather than working on the Internet for ordinary users to the next you will be more happy, directly look at the following figure:


Yes, this picture is the gospel of the user, Baidu promised if the user in a website to buy some products and products are not on board or fake products to return, refund, and the business has added v Mark, but not to fulfill the promise, then Baidu will be the first settlement, there is the Internet environment, If netizens in search results click on some have Baidu credit plus v mark, but by the counterfeit, fraud suffered economic losses is the so-called phishing website, so that Baidu will provide full compensation protection, in Baidu and Zhongxiaoxie jointly held the "let the network consumption more secure" conference on the commitment is exactly the same, Regardless of the user access to the search results click on the marked with V or Baidu bid has plus V is the result of business promotion, all can be compensated, the current Baidu credit Plus V has covered all the business promotion is Baidu bidding business, Baidu has 300多万个 site has been implemented plus V, the next may be more, This is true again for netizens and users to bring a lot of convenience, "no longer need to worry about the internet can be fooled thing" Baidu to use large data and technical advantages, to provide users with consumer guidance and services, Taijiquan author SEO Empty City think these are users and netizens to the gospel.

There are always good and bad points in one thing, no one thing can be perfect, of course, this is the point of view of the grassroots webmaster, Baidu credibility has indeed become their time bomb, grassroots webmaster refers to those who do not support serious personal sites, have those who do not prepare the case of the site, some fishing, Unhealthy sites I like now there's nowhere to hide, these sites are generally placed in foreign countries, these sites should pray, do not let people to report, and generally now report efficiency is greatly increased will not exceed 24 hours, many people report immediately effective, your site directly to the neglect, But the current Internet site millions billions of dollars if you really have the luck that back, just to find out, then congratulations to Your Excellency, you won, of course, some sites did not record on the decision is an unhealthy one will make the user in the economic loss of the site, of course not, If you only rely on a report to determine your site is not safe site, that the Internet is all over the injustice ah, so in between your site if not able to record as far as possible to change into a domestic server it! Because some of the site is not registered but traffic every day there are many, in exchange for everyone will not willing to give up, In this I seo empty city to remind everyone is the site security detection and Security Alliance certification is basically consistent, the impact of Baidu's credibility of the main three points, I hope we all have links, if your site is mostly negative news, a little word-of-mouth, suffer a lot of users evaluation is a bad review, such as Taobao evaluation Mechanism, It's dangerous, too. But a website does not record, but the content is good, the speed of the visit these can be measured into the site's Word-of-mouth indicators, in this secretly tell you a message, this Baidu Word-of-mouth said a lot of water, because everyone just to register Baidu Word-of-mouth account, can evaluate good and bad, You just find some army to comment on your website, then your reputation is not the reputation of Baidu is said, Word-of-mouth excellent Ah! So that these evaluation information is difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the station in the user's point of view, these are not used, standing in the grass-roots webmaster point of view, this may be Baidu did not think of a loophole!

Baidu credibility of the online, it is really worth happy, but now the lack of a very important part is a very good audit mechanism, this audit effect too many loopholes let outlaws take advantage of Baidu Word-of-mouth, hope that Baidu can improve through technology to avoid too many of these irregularities, false phenomenon, If you don't implement a better approach, it will only make some users cheat.

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