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With the statistical function of Baidu increasingly perfect, functional point gradually rich, 3.0 version is its ease of use and interactive vision of the new transformation. This upgrade presents a fresh and professional image with a simple and consistent visual style, a multitude of visual elements, and improved ease of use. Next, we use the following points to briefly describe the evolution of Statistics 3.0.

The principle of signal-to-noise ratio: to simplify and present the focus

The purpose of a good design is to maximize the signal and minimize the noise, resulting in a high signal-to-noise ratio. According to the important degree, control the whole information contrast and priority, is one of the important request of this promotion.

Trend chart: Weaken lines and text outside the XY axis to make the trend curve clearer and significantly reduce interference.

Overview Page Table: Remove form vertical bar to minimize interference elements, highlighting the "Today" data, to facilitate timely attention to the latest data, while grasping the trend of data changes.

Data visualization: Complex data, clear and present

Data visualization mainly means communicating and communicating information clearly and effectively with the help of graphical means.

The proportion of new and old visitors: visitors attribute to the webmaster is more important, the design we expect to appear clear and concise, but without losing the detailed information structure. Distinguish the new/old visitors by the character color, enlarge the important proportion data at the same time, relatively weaken the detail data such as the display browsing quantity, the source TOP5.

Transformation Funnel: The transformation process in a new funnel form intuitive display, the relevant data on each link in the chest, the site to improve targeted.

Alignment principle: uniform, visual clarity

The same or more other components are arranged in a straight line with left-aligned, right-aligned, Middle-aligned. The content is aligned according to the law, can form the virtual edge visually, easy to browse. Especially in the case of large amount of data, the alignment between data and column headers facilitates quick viewing and comparison.

Global table structure: sets its alignment according to the reading properties of various types of data. For example, the text class is fixed to left-aligned, and the numeric class is fixed to the right.

Consistency principle: Form convergence, easy to learn and apply

One makes it possible to migrate knowledge effectively into a new environment, learn new things quickly, and focus on the people concerned. When the same part is expressed in the same way, the usability of the system is improved effectively.

Important tags in the system: style consistently lowers cognitive costs.

The unity of the Help system:

The new Help system uses green to give people a sense of peace, hope, and easy identification and browsing. The report heading at the top of the page makes a bold note, and the position is fixed. Remove the previous "Help question mark" and display the content in a centralized context.

Table header data indicator, a quick, simple help hint is provided with a small question mark.

Space is limited, the improvement is not to be enumerated individually. To you in the use of slowly taste, while welcome to Baidu statistics to give valuable advice:).

For more experience, please go to and click "View Demo".

Author: ericoming

Article Source: Baidu Ued

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