Banana chat How to get banana code? The method of obtaining the invitation code of banana chatting

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Enter the login interface, wooden banana code of children's shoes please click below

What is the banana chat chat code?

You will show your banana code after your answer is successful! This is a small series of answers to test the chat code finished!

Banana chat CP Code share:

7LCMW Banana CP Code is 7lcmf!

Banana Chat How to get the public test qualification?

The way to get a public test is to be involved. You're still young? To get the banana code.
This density symbol in Duyun who knows? Small knitting random guess, the result chooses Rou, the answer is right!

The second problem is to find the difference, can you see where the difference is?

The system identification has been killed before the answer is completed. Answer 8 questions to get banana code to participate in the public test banana chat!

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