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1. When the computer first plug in k treasure, will automatically eject the installation of the driver window, and then pop up a installation of K-Treasure Management Program window, follow the prompts to install.

2. Then click on "Certificate Login", enter K po password, waiting to jump to the appropriate page.

Frequently asked Questions and solutions:

1 Login Net silver, the homepage flash

When you log in to ABC Net Silver homepage, the page that appears after Flash is blank page, reason for customer ie install some kind of plug-in and ABC website have conflict, can try to block IE Flash control or reinstall IE browser.

2 Click "Individual user Login", jump out "MESSAGE:PCSC driver error, you must reinstall reader driver"

This problem generally occurs with notebook users. When this occurs, first turn on the Smart Card Service feature: Control Panel---management tools---services---Find SMART card, right-click and select Start

3. Through the LAN can log on to other websites, is unable to login ABC net Bank

May be due to the user unit LAN firewall settings problem, let the user determine whether "80 port" and "443 port" is open, because ABC network silver must use this port.

4. When you log in to a personal online bank, the system prompts you to log on to a site that is secure, but contains unsafe content and continues to log on, and the customer chooses "yes" to submit information, and all the action options on the left side of the page cannot be displayed.

Adjust the IE browser ActiveX plugin to enable, restart the computer.

5. Login Homepage Normal, once click "Net Silver Customer Sign In", System appears error

This should be caused by an abnormal installation of the signature control. Customers will be prompted to install the signature control when they first log on to the ABC banking system. This can be caused if the customer chooses "ignore". The solution is to download the "certificate tool Software" provided by ABC and install it. The certificate Tools software not only helps to install the signature control, but also can play a variety of security patches to safely use the ABC net banking system.

6. Why click the login area does not have a pop-up login window, or pop-up window display page error?

If clicking on the login area page does not respond, please see the following:

1 Check IE security level, whether the basic definition of security is too high, can be taken to restore security is basically the default "intermediate", or to lower levels.

2 The use of Proxy server to the Internet customers, you can view the status of the agent. Specific steps: Select "Tools" in the IE menu bar---"Internet Options"---"Connection"---"LAN settings"---"Advanced", we recommend that tick select "Use the same proxy server for all protocols."

7. How to Judge K-Po encountered problems

Starting from three aspects. In turn, determine whether the correct installation of "certificate Tool Software", K-Treasure whether the hardware physical damage, the certificate is normal registration.

1 Verify that the certificate Tools software is installed correctly. Click on "Start"---"Program",---"Agricultural Bank of China Online Banking certificate Tool software" menu. If there is no "China Huada"---"CSP tools" menu, you can be judged that the smart Installer is not installed correctly, at this time, please login after installation. As shown in the following illustration:

2 Verify that the K-Po is damaged by hardware. Confirm that the Smart Installer is properly installed and K Po (usbkey) is properly plugged into the USB port, please open "Start"---"Program",---"ABC Bank certificate Tool Software"---"China huada"---"CSP tools", click "Certificate Operation"---"View Certificate", If the certificate details can be displayed, then prove that K-treasure physical integrity, if the display open device failure, it may be K Po (usbkey) has been physical damage, at this time, please contact with you to apply for K-PO Agricultural Bank network replacement. As shown in the following illustration:

3 Verify that the certificate was successfully registered with the IE store to open IE browser's "Tools"---"Internet Options"---"certificate" to see if your K-Treasure certificate has been properly registered to IE storage area. If your certificate store does not have a certificate, uninstall the current smart installer and download and install it again. If you are still unable to log on after reloading, please register manually (see the next question).

8. How to manually register certificates to the certificate store

If the smart Installer is properly installed and you are judged to have no hardware damage, try registering the certificate manually. \ usbkey The specific process is: Click "program"---"ABC internet Banking Certificate Tool Software"---"China huada"---"CSP tools"---"Certificate Operations"---"Certificate of Registration", as shown in the following figure:

Register the certificate manually, as shown in the following illustration:

Manual registration is successful, as shown in the following illustration:

9. How to set the security options for IE

K-Treasure Tool installation will automatically do the security settings of IE, but if the other program or manually set the net silver can not be used normally, you need to manually set back. The areas that need to be changed are: security, set up the ABC website as a trusted site, Trusted sites include: Http://

Privacy: The security level is "medium" and "Stop pop-up window" is not checked before.

10. What are the problems with the registration certificate to IE?

Open IE Browser, click the "Tools"---"Internet Options"---"Content"---"certificate", the "Personal" column is blank, there is no certificate display, you have not registered a certificate, please register your digital certificate.

Open IE Browser, click the "Tools"---"Internet Options"---"Content"---"certificate", double-click your certificate, click the "General" button, found under "Certificate Information" shows: "Windows does not have enough information to verify the certificate." "Indicates that you do not have a root certificate for registering digital certificates, and you are asked to register your digital certificate's root certificate.

Open IE Browser, click the "Tools"---"Internet Options"---"Content"---"certificate", double-click your certificate, click the "General" button, found under the "Certificate Information" display: "The certificate has expired, or has not yet entered into force." "Indicates that your certificate may have the following error:

① Certificate has expired, certificate validity can be viewed by displaying the certificate feature, if it has expired, please call 95599 or at ABC business outlets for advice on how to update the certificate;

② your computer system time is not within the validity period of the certificate, please check to see if the machine is in the correct time.

11. When downloading the certificate or login to the net silver may appear the IE page is not normal, prompts the request installs the control and so on error may check ie the setting

1 first check whether you have joined the trust site, select the "ie-> tool->internet option-> security-> Trusted Site", will pop up the following interface:

Dot "site (S)" button, will pop up the following interface, the list should be at least 6 sites shown in the figure, if not, you need to manually add

2 Check the settings of the ActiveX control select "IE---tools---internet options---secure---Trusted sites", click the "Custom Level (C)" button, check the following two settings in the pop-up interface (as shown in the following illustration):

"Execute script for ActiveX controls marked as safe for scripting" setting to enable "Download signed ActiveX controls" set to prompt

If used under Windows Vista system, check that the "Initialize and execute scripts for ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting" is set to Enabled on the basis of the above two settings

12. What are the precautions to install K-Po drive?

Install K-Po Drive, first judge the use of the K-Po brand, to choose the appropriate device drivers. Then the K-Po inserted into the computer's USB port, and then installed, drive to successfully install.

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