Based on OpenCart development Alipay, Tenpay, micro-Credit Payment parameter error problem _php instance

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Recently in the OpenCart integrated Alipay, Tenpay and micro-letter sweep code to pay, in fact, these plug-ins are some of the sale, but also quite expensive, or their own development integration bar, save money. But the integration process found some pits, there are opencart pits, but also to pay the SDK pit, waste a lot of time, here to tidy up a few, to the needs of people across the pit.

1. The Notify_url address in micro-credit native mode II must be a public network address

2. Alipay's notify_url cannot be in the form of query string, such as xxx/notify.php? Route=a/b, only for xxx/notify.php.

The best unset ($_get[' route ') in the synchronous callback processing in Alipay and Tenpay in 3.OpenCart is to make payment callback verification, otherwise the callback validation is unsuccessful because this extra parameter participates in the check

4. Micro-Credit Callback notify is the time to send the data stream, so get and post is not paid after the asynchronous notification over the data, in the official SDK when you can change this:

$GLOBALS ["http_raw_post_data"] = file_get_contents ("Php://input", "R");
$notify = new Paynotifycallback ();
$notify->handle (FALSE);

5.PC browser Alipay Use iOS device access will pop up Alipay client to pay, so that is not receiving asynchronous and synchronous notification, so need to determine whether the access device is mobile or client, if the mobile end of the word to be paid by the WAP way to pay

6. Tenpay Pay QQ Browser payment has been wrong parameters, has not found why.

Remind everyone in the use of OpenCart development pay treasure, Tenpay, micro-letter payment, we must be careful, thank friends to pay attention to cloud Habitat community website, this script bracket small wish you happy National Day.

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