Basic Introduction to CAD new drawing layer and define color and line width

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Basic Introduction to CAD new drawing layer and define color and line width

When we get the CAD drawing, whether it is the building plan or the structure, we can see that different structures have different colors, and the text can become different colors. In fact, this is the designer in different layers modify the characteristics of line segments, in the words corresponding to the structure of the dog changes to the corresponding layer on the line. So how do you create new layers and modify attributes? The following small series to 2010cad as an example of the steps (the other CAD steps are the same, find "layer", the other steps the same).

1. Open CAD and click the icon "Layer attribute Manager" as shown in the picture

2, or click on the interface Bar "format"---"Layer", both methods will pop up "layer feature Manager" Small dialog box

3, there is a CAD default layer, we have no way to modify, we can try, double-click to modify its name, it will prompt this is our "rely on external reference layer"

4, Next we can create a new layer, click as shown in the icon "new layer"

5, then we can modify its name, such as "outer wall"

6, then modify its color characteristics, click on the corresponding color of the layer, in the pop-up "Choose Color" dialog box to choose a good color, click "OK"

7, "line Style" and "LineWidth" is also the same way to click on the modification, we choose other styles, click "Load", modify the style, and finally click "OK" can

8, so our custom "outer wall" layer is built

9, then we can click on the "Layer Feature Manager" Small dialog box in the upper left corner of the wrong number close the dialog box, back to the CAD painting interface, click on the layer properties of the small black triangle, select the new "outer wall" layer, to draw

10, we can create multiple layers, painting to see, with which layer to replace the layer, to draw, delete layers and new layer is very simple, we will try

Note: Other CAD is this method.

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