Basic knowledge of the network

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A few words to master subnet mask, IP address, host number, network number, network address, broadcast address

1, in the/27 that is, the subnet mask is that is 27 full 1

2. From the subnet mask to obtain its network bit is 30 bits, so only the remaining 2-bit master, the host bit of all zeros for the network address, the host bit all 1 is the broadcast address, the remaining host number is the host address range

3. Public address is the responsibility of the Inter NIC (Internet Network Information Center Internet Information Center). These IP addresses are assigned to organizations that register and apply to the inter NIC. Direct access to the Internet through it.

Private address is a non-registered address and is intended for use within an organization. Private network IP address is not directly used to communicate with the WAN, or use the frame to communicate (for example, fr Frame Relay, HDLC,PPP) or need to route the NAT function to convert the private network address to a public IP address listed below the retained internal private address

Class A

Class B

Class C


IP address =, subnet mask, compute network address, host number, broadcast address, and host maximum number

After the IP address is converted to binary, it is 11000000.10101000.011111111.01100101 the subnet mask is converted to binary 11111111.11111111.11111111.11000000 address segments are calculated after 11000000.10101000.01111111.01000000 is converted to decimal and so the network address of the computer is 26 The host number is the part that removes the network number is 100101----> 37 broadcast address is the address bit is all 1 that is 11000000.10101000.011111111.01111111 converted to decimal after the can accommodate the number of 2 of 6 (host address bits) 2 (network address and broadcast address) = 62

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Basic knowledge of the network

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