BAT batch Process automatic (silent) installation software method

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This article mainly introduced the Bat batch processing automatic (silent) installs the Software The method (contains 4 kinds of common installation package format), this article explained the Common application software package type, the test method and the installment type analysis, in the batch processing file request and so on content, needs the friend to be possible to refer to under

Using batch processing to install common software, we need to grasp the following knowledge points:

I. Package type of common application software:

1.installshield Type:

InstallShield is a commercial-level installer encapsulation tool that many large commercial software uses to encapsulate. For example: Macromedia Flash. Pgtoshop, etc.

Installation parameters:-R for recording the installation process

-S for automatic installation of software

-f1 specify the path to the Setup.iss answer file

How to use:

1. First use at the command line with the R parameter to install the software, its installation process and normal installation does not have the essential difference, but in the software installation after the end of the C:windows (WinXP system) or C:WINNT (Win2K System) directory to find a file named Setup.iss, It's the important answer file that we'll use later to automate the installation.

2. Put the above Setup.iss file with your installation program in the same directory, using the-s parameter for automatic installation.

For example: start/wait x:phtoshopsetup.exe-s-f1 "Y:setup.iss" (if the Setup.iss file is in the same directory as the installer, you can omit the-F1 parameter)

2.Inno Setup Type:

Inno Setup is a completely free installer packaging tool that is comparable in functionality and stability to commercial packaging tools.

Installation parameters:/silent (/verysilent) for automatic installation of software

sp-is used to skip the confirmation interface of the Setup program

How to use: Start/wait x:thunder5.exe/verysilent sp-

Note: This installation parameter is easy to use, but if we write it to the batch file for a large number of software installation, some software will be installed after the completion of their own start-up, such as the Thunderbolt, in order not to affect system performance, we can combine other commands to terminate its process, such as:

Copy code code as follows:

@echo off

Start/wait x:thunder5.exe/verysilent sp-


taskkill.exe/f/im Thunder5.exe

3.Microsoft Windows Installer Technology Packaging Program

Microsoft's own products, many software manufacturers now choose this package based on Microsoft development

Parameters://qb (/qn) for automatic installation of software

/reboot=suppress not reset after installation

How to use: Start/wait x:setup.exe/qb reboot=suppress

4.Nullsoft superrmp Install System (NSIs) type, for example: Winamp

Use parameters:/S for automatic installation of software

For example: x:winampsetup.exe/s

Description: This kind of software installation will give a file association confirmation window, currently can not skip, but I could give you a train of thought, is the combination of VBS script DOSKEY command to imitate the keyboard action to achieve the confirmation process, so far I have not written out, Hope Master help improve

Two. Test method and Installation type analysis:

1. Test method: Can use the current more popular virtual machine to test

2. Installation Type analysis: Most installers can right-click the Setup program ___ Select Properties ________ version to view its encapsulated class

Three. Requirements in a batch file

If you intend to WinXP the installation CD-ROM with the CD-ROM tool yourself, and you are installing the application using the WinXP answer file, you must understand that the location of the batch file should be located where you can read articles about this.

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