Be brave! -Read dancing with bears

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When I close the black cover of this book, I can't help but think of the famous saying in "Old Man sea": people are not born to be defeated. Indeed, in this book, there is a kind of unparalleled confidence in human reason. Isn't it?
Risk management, in the eyes of many people, is so illusory that people cannot completely define risks or predict the future accurately. In the face of risks, apart from confusion and prayer, most of the time, they will always bury their heads in the sand like an ostrich, deceiving themselves without seeing risks. But this is not the case for the author. He builds a blueprint in the most difficult place and draws a blueprint in the most obscure place. Although I still cannot fully understand the specific meanings of those curves, I understand that behind these curves is a heart full of reason and belief.
In fact, there should be not only risk management in the software field, but also "management" in other fields and even in all aspects of life ". Do not shy away from problems, do not waver in the face of setbacks, and use the power of reason and experience to solve them. This is a great character and a glorious spirit.
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