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Gig, temporarily pulled back. Deploy the interface of the test environment with the colleague Test company program. Because of the program is not ripe, and planted a kind of a somersault. The permission part of the program and the business part are separate, the permission part of the source code hand is not, only the application. Deployment well after and colleagues pick interface, still smooth, I thought it was OK. Testing an agency later said to change another agency (industry application well, very normal.) The Permissions section has an organization dictionary table, there is an encryption code), after the verification code will not be taken out, the code in the hand to turn over, and the right to apply the key parts of the anti-compilation to see it again only to find, in fact, the permission application at the start of all the organization's verification code has been loaded into the memory, If it is a post-add Captcha, the app must be restarted. So simple a question, tossing half the afternoon, thankless, in fact, is two sentences, ask a question up to five minutes can be finished. So you have to ask more questions when you meet something. Don't you ever wonder

Be sure to ask.

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