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Modern life is inseparable from all kinds of machinery, countless complex machinery into our ordinary people's life, small to the wall of our living room, big to go out to work for walking cars, it is inseparable from the silent work of machinery. I don't know if you occasionally want to ask what kind of machinery is and how it works to make our life more convenient?
On weekdays, we get used to the product appearance, and feel the brilliant creativity of the designer. Today, we will use the following animations to feel the aesthetic of the mechanical design of our engineers.
1. The star engine of the aircraft, such as the first tutorial 5

2. Elliptical Gauge

3. Sewing Machine

4. Malta Cross Movement-seconds for clock control

5. Vehicle Change Mechanism

6. I finally understand why the wheel of a bicycle driven by the front wheel can be switched.

7. In the ship gun and ammunition filling system, the propulsion drugs and warhead were originally divided.

8. A rotor engine-a type of internal combustion engine, which converts heat energy into rotary motion rather than Piston Motion, such as Mazda rx8

# Via world of technology. The schematic diagram of the three car engines shown in the figure above:
1. Direct engine-its cylinder is lined up side by side. l4 engines are used in general vehicles.

2. V-engine-the cylinder is arranged on two planes with a certain angle. The V6 engine

3. Horizontal opposite engine-the cylinder is arranged on two planes opposite to the engine. The Porsche 911 uses this 6-cylinder.


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