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I bought a beautiful us 5820 LCD TV box a year ago. I checked a lot of related information on the Internet before I bought it. I don't feel very objective. It seems that something is good. I only know it when I use it. After using it, let's talk about my real experiences for the reference of people who are interested in buying it. I am using a 19-inch LCD (youpai va912). The overall feeling of beautiful us 5820 is pretty good. Some functions are good. I bring my own speakers. I can also use them temporarily when there is no speaker, however, the effect of the horn is not very good, and it is quite noisy when the sound is loud. Don't count on using this horn for a long time. The box carries a seat. You can use a mirror to erect the box, and it looks nice without occupying an area. It is estimated that the remote control is easier to operate. Resolution can be adjusted to 800*600, 1024*768, 1280*1024, And the refresh frequency can reach 75Hz, but the resolution can only reach 60Hz at 1280. According to my usage, there is basically no difference between the 1280 resolution and the 1024 resolution, and I even feel that the 1280 resolution is false. However, there is a significant difference between 1024 and 800. I personally feel that the high resolution of 1280 is only a product promotion and has no practical significance. I am not very satisfied with the effect of TV reception. Some channels may have some ripple interference. For example, if two of my central hosts are picked up and the box is shaken, the degree of disturbance to the ripple may change, it makes people feel a little unstable. The image quality of the platform with good signals is good. Another problem may also be the design defect, that is, if you hold the box to work harder, the switch on the panel will be triggered, and the box will change and adjust the volume. I think this is not his special function. This does not affect normal use. The tuning function is also available. Basically, the TV can be searched automatically or manually tuned, and the channel number switching function is also available. You can use a computer and watch TV at the same time. The signal line of the monitor is directly connected to the TV box, and a VGA interface is also configured with a data cable that can be directly connected to the display interface on the computer, in addition, the picture-in-picture function mentioned above is not the same as originally imagined, not the same picture-in-picture function of TV (two channels can be opened at the same time ), however, when using a computer, you can open a window on the monitor to watch TV. You think that TV is just a public display with a computer. It doesn't have much to do with it, and you don't need any software or drivers. In general, this function can be used by people who want to watch TV and use computers at the same time.

in general, this box is still available in terms of design and functions. I personally feel that the TV reception function is good, it cannot be said to be perfect. At present, it seems that there are many boxes in the market, that is, the introduction of the functions of tianmin xiaobao is similar to this one, that is, there is no renewal of tianmin xiaobao, and there is no comparison of the reception effect, I hope that people who have used it can also talk about it for your reference.

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