Beautify u disk from the icon and background change

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How to change the U disk icon

One: We need to find an icon image, for. ico image acquisition, can be downloaded from the Internet, here, you can teach you a local access to the method: Open "My Computer", click on the toolbar "search". As shown in figure:

Two: In the file or folder to search for the name of the text box, enter:. ico, and then click the "Search Now" button. As shown in figure:

Three: On the right, all the local. ico pictures are listed, select one that you like, copy. As shown in figure:

Paste the copied image onto the U disk, name it (named Icon.ico here), and create a text file that opens the input:


Icon=icon.ico Save the file, rename it to Autorun.inf.

Modify U disk background:

Changed the U disk icon, next we will be to modify the background of the U disk, modify the icon is just a small "meaning", modify the background interface to make your U disk unique personality.

Step one, we need to have a favorite JPG format of the picture, and then copy it to the U disk, small set the picture named Back.jpg, and then create a text file, open the input:



Iconarea_image=back.jpg Save the file and rename it to Desktop.ini

Step two, after the completion of the above operation, we need to open a U disk, refresh, you will see the desired effect Oh! If it cannot be shown, we will need to reboot the U disk.

Simple two steps to let your U disk special, another small set to everyone a small suggestion, create a text file after writing code, we can in the attribute to hide it, to avoid other people's time or mistakenly deleted.

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