Beauty Mito How to eliminate travel photos passers-by eliminate travel photos passers-by method sharing

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To the U.S. Mito software users to detailed analysis to share the elimination of travel photos passers-by method.
Method Sharing:
Let's take a look at the contrast effect chart:

Let's take a look at the specific steps ~
1, in the "Beauty Mito" to open a photo to be processed, click on "Landscaping-the elimination of pens."

2, because the close character background is single, so we can set the brush size, many times smear, can eliminate nearby passers-by.

3, then, we choose to eliminate black circles in the color pen options, choose the Sea no one color, set the brush transparency, and gradually eliminate the distant side of the sea. Color pen can not only quickly eliminate passers-by, but also to ensure that the background unchanged. Wait for all the passers-by to remove and click "Application."

4, finally, still under the "Beautification" menu click on the "Base" category, select the transparency of 20% "sharpening" effects and 100% of the "smart color" effects, to improve the overall effect of the picture. That's it!

Well, the above information is a small series to the United States and Mito of this software users brought to the detailed elimination of travel photos passers-by the method of sharing all the content, you see the users here, the method is so simple, this method can be used to eliminate any of the photos above, Now let's go and try it on your own.

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