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People are creatures, so they need information. People are social animals, so they need to exchange information.

Become a Network Information Source

Big talk: computers and the Internet have given us another information revolution (before
Is language and text), it is slowly revolutionizing the way people live and think for thousands of years. As an extension of human brains, the benefits brought by it are obvious that they go deep into the corners of life. With the popularization of the Internet, the survival mode of informatization is becoming more and more valuable. With the concept of Web deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, more and more people are joining the team to add information to the network.

I. Why is network

First, we need to mention why it is a network. I think everyone has their own answers. I am a little confused.

First, the network is very convenient. As long as there is network access, almost all services of the same quality can be obtained anytime and anywhere. Almost all information can be transmitted over the network without manual transmission, all you need is to click the link and button. The network information is richer than other media. Most of the networks can do what other media can do, in addition, the content is more hierarchical (using links and other forms, so you don't need to introduce every concept in detail, just give the link, and you can nest it ), it is not as linear as TV and books. If it is not detailed enough, it is difficult to find unexplained information. If it is too detailed, the focus will be overwhelmed. Moreover, there is no time-space limit on the network, for the first time, the world was able to achieve information flows that were almost time-free from the geographic restrictions (why is it almost? Haha, some people are very concerned about the information flow in the jurisdiction). The advantage is that most of the information can be easily saved, so that you can easily copy it, A piece of information can be easily provided to countless people (this is important ).

Ii. why become a network source

The following is the question: why do we need to record information and publish it to the Internet to become a source of information, instead of making verbal communication in private? I think there are mainly the following aspects. Please add the missing items ~

1. Strengthen thinking and self-feedback.

Personal thinking information can usually be written down. Record can indicate your own thinking route, saving you a lot of physical thinking for deep thinking. In addition, the more time you invest in the same thing, the better you will do. repetition is necessary, records facilitate repeated acceptance. By summarizing, extracting key points, and thinking fragments, you can save your mental strength and make it easier to systematically review and think. Some cool people have already written it clearly, so I will not add repeated information here:Writing is for better thinking.

For example, reading a book: creating a book or a series of conceptual diagrams can be a very valuable summary. In addition, the cognitive style is determined by the nature of the human brain structure,The more connections between new knowledge and original knowledge (multi-angle thinking and integration), the easier it is to be mastered and applied by itself, the easier it is to become a part of your knowledge structure system.(This also involves many other issues, such as subconscious thinking (brainrules). No one can rely on their past information to accumulate, so it is best to clearly record important things and make them the anchor of your own thinking. In this case, this effect is displayed:The result of reading the second time is likely to be larger than the first time. Therefore, for the same time, it may be better to summarize the necessary thoughts for each reading than to read a few more books. (Supplement: You can find multiple books with the same content for concentrated reading, which may have better results. ^_^ if you are not afraid of spending money)

2. Easy to communicate.

If you have some ideas or some nice things, write them down. If you want to make public, you can make public on some personal pages. If you don't want to make public, you can set access permissions so that you can see what you want. In this way, everyone who cares about you can see content of the same quality, and others may find some of your content through the search engine. And because of the characteristics of people,If you don't tell others about a lot of things, and others won't ask you about it, you will lose a lot of opportunities for communication.The information is disclosed in a different way.You only need to invest once to "generate" countless times". If it is a text blog, it may take a long time to do this, but you can provide everyone with the same quality of content, it will be more practical than privately speaking one by one, and I think no one is willing to repeat the same content many times and ensure a high quality. In this case, it is naturally important to carefully construct every piece of information released by you without making it valuable or even spam information. Reference pongba's words about what it is: "It's not just a thought, it's not a thought if you're not talking about anything, and so on." Of course, if you have some content, you can be sure that there are no people willing to share it with you. The benefits of blog writing can be interrupted here. Read this high-quality blog post and restore it:Why should you (from now on) write a blog?

Maybe you will say that you are still at a low level in many aspects. Instead of making low-level junk information. The so-called "half bottle of water" seems very inadequate and shows off. I don't think so. I thought so before, don't show it out if you are not good. However, in other words, no one, in any aspect, always has to be horizontally or horizontally, so there are always people in some aspects that are not horizontally, these people need to grow above their level of information. Besides, when people grow in a certain direction, they are at the same level as their water products. These people can communicate well, people higher than their level may not take the time to focus on their discussions. Those who are lower than their level may not understand or pay more attention to them.As long as it is the content of personal thinking, regardless of the level or level, whether it is right or wrong, to communicate with you and get your feedback, as long as you do not pretend to be forced, not arrogant, and accept your feedback modestly, people will not think that this person's "person" is not good.Progress is a matter of pride. No one will have too many negative opinions on those who are making progress,If someone is always mocking or criticizing those who are not at the very beginning but are trying to move forward, I think they should be self-reflective.(I first reflected on myself)

3. Information Interaction improves personal gains and values

This is an extended social effect brought about by communication. It can be said that it is the core philosophy of becoming a source of information ~

For others.

People who know you want to know some of your dynamics and what you think. If you write it down publicly and become a source of information, they can learn about your dynamics and thoughts through your public information, so they don't need to ask you frequently. They will gain information and broaden their horizons through your information, you can also discuss your information and further explain it. You and people you know can fully exchange ideas and get results, we can also maintain sufficient communication. If they record and disclose their information, you can do the same thing;If they have made a lot of gains through your public information and find that you have gathered a variety of cool people around you, but they have not recorded or made public, they may consider becoming a source of information.

For people you don't know, people may access your public information site through a search engine, links to other pages, or your reposted content. If your public information is of high value, especially your appetite for visitors, visitors may start to pay attention to you and communicate with you. And produce similar results as people you know.

That is to say, your public information is always positive for others.

For yourself.

Recording and sorting out information is always a troublesome task, especially writing blogs. It takes a lot of time,If no one looks at it, it is possible that the benefits of writing articles will not be positive.

Let's assume that few people are interested in you. At the beginning, you published some valuable content. Some people accidentally discovered and began to pay attention to you, And gave back some information. At this time, the benefits may be negative; as time passes by, more value content will be published by you, and more people will gather at your source, and more discussions will be discussed, some of you are aware of the long-term benefits of recording and making public information, and have begun to become a source of information. If they record and publish information that is valuable to you, your benefits will begin to increase (may take several years). As you record and publish information, more people will benefit from others' public information, more people will realize their long-term benefits and join the interactive system to further improve the value of the system. At this time, your benefits are far greater than your investment, with more information feedback, your knowledge and thinking will be improved. And in this process,The higher the quality of your information, the higher the quality of your information.

Visible,At the beginning, everyone suffered the most losses, but once they started for a while, the benefits would be higher than the investment.

Of course, you will say that there are already quite a few high-quality information sources. Why do I have to make public my own information to become a source of information? Well, it seems that this is indeed the case. It only obtains information from the outside. It seems that the information gains per unit of time will certainly be higher than the information gains that I have invested another piece of time in information output. However, this may cause this problem,These people and information will not be around you. You only obtain information unilaterally, and it is difficult to obtain manually filtered information and actively push it to yourself; and it is not enough to generate the so-called "stickiness" between people. In this way, it doesn't matter if you are more than one person, and when you need cooperation, it will suffer losses,Cooperation is almost inevitable in the current society, and you will not receive personalized and targeted information exchanges and feedback. From the perspective of learning efficiency,Targeted information is always very efficient(How to practice 10 thousand hours).

Of course, you can also say that you can use the search engine to find targeted information, but the search engine is currently only suitable for finding basic information, systematic structural information is not an efficient method (one-to-one explanation is the most effective, but the cost is too high; tutorial and book are the second, and the cost is very high; consultation and discussion are very effective methods to improve the knowledge system ). From these two aspects,You can become a source of information. First, you can get high-quality "Sticky" friends. First, you can attract high-quality sources of information to come to you. The investment in becoming a source of information is worthwhile.

4. Theoretical Analysis of "improving personal gains and values through information interaction"

Here we can consider the basic game theory approach.

A little theoretical (For details, refer to the various materials in game theory. I will not list them here. For a simple scientific nature, refer to the games around you. I also have a superficial understanding of game theory. If there are any deficiencies or errors, I hope to make it clear .) :

It is a long-term game that does not know where the destination is. It is also a large-scale game with positive network externality. In the long-term game, everyone chooses the cooperation option to achieve the optimal solution between the system and the individual. The result of a large-scale game with positive network externality is that when there are more people doing this, the more benefits you will have.

The following table shows the benefits of the game when two people are at a time: (the number is fictitious. For two people, the benefits of being a source of information are exaggerated. This is just an illustration)

You/me Become a source of information Not a source of information
Become a source of information 8, 8 5, 9
Not a source of information 9, 5 6, 6

This table indicates the "you" Decision on the left, the "I" Decision on the top, and the data in the middle indicates the benefits of the corresponding decision, "You" on the left and "me" on the right ". It can be seen that this is a classic "prisoner's dilemma" Model (full of this in life ).For individuals, not becoming a source of information is the best choice of the other party in any situation (9> 8, 6> 5 ), however, this is not the optimal choice (8, 8 in total, 16 ).

However, this game is not just an end-to-end task. It is a lifelong task. Therefore, it is in the long-term interests of individuals and others to become an information source.

Also, since people cannot be purely rational, everyone will have emotional factors. This may bring a variety of effects. For example, someone may thank you for the benefit of your information, some people may take it for granted that free information on the internet is obtained (this kind of idea will pay a variety of hidden costs), or they may think about you because you are unwilling to share information, it may be the right of a person to move his head toward others. If he does not share his or her thoughts, he must be grateful if he or she is willing to share his or her thoughts ...... Due to the existence of various psychological factors, the value of shared information may be magnified or reduced by some people. Otherwise, no information is shared.

In addition, it is positive network externality, because it is obviouslyBecome a source of informationThe larger the number of people, the greater the value of personal information sources.(There will be more people willing to exchange information with you ).

When multiple people play games for a long time, we can assume that there are n people who have become the source of information. The benefit of each person is that the number of people in the source is proportional to n × 4, the cost of becoming a source of information is a fixed communication cost of 10 plus N × 1, but there will be an additional exchange benefit of n × 3, as shown in the following table, here, we only analyze the benefits of "I" as an individual (people who do not become a source of information obviously have nothing to do with "I", which is ignored here ):


Other information sources (N in total)/me Become a source of information Not a source of information
Become a source of information (N) ..., N x (4 + 3-1)-10

..., N × 4


The result shows that when N x (4 + 3-1)-10> N x 4, N> 5, that is, under the preceding assumptions, as long as more than five people are willing to become the source of information, becoming the source of information is a more profitable choice. Of course, the number of earnings is assumed that the digital structure is similar, and the actual situation does not cause a different digital structure. The result is,The more people you want to share information with, the more benefits you will enjoy. Therefore, we should encourage our friends to become sources of information.This is what I am doing now. Pai_^

The rest will not be said.

3. Join the information world

If you want to, it will be easy to join the information world. You can create a personal blog to write valuable articles and apply for a microblog to get nagging and see what is happening in the world, join a social network website to share with you personal dynamics, and create an online reader to subscribe to and share Internet content, find a social recommendation site to record and share what you are listening to, and find content suitable for you. Discuss with you on your professional website and check for missing content ......

In short, just select the right one.

I have just joined the company, but I still have a lot of water. I am using limited services and cannot tell everyone what is going on. This requires the power of recommendations from friends and family and socialization.

The Information Service I use can be seen on my googleprofile.

Iv. Problems that follow 1. Information flooding

There are too many junk information on the Internet, so you should not make junk information yourself. The massive amount of information makes it impossible to accept the unselected information. When selecting the information source, you must select the remaining information again. Here I will talk about some immature ideas about how to avoid information flooding:

Use a reader

Using a reader is the most basic and effective way to manage information. By subscribing to articles on the Internet, you can avoid actively moving to various websites to find new information and whether you have read it clearly. Important articles can be tagged and classified, you can also easily share data by adding key symbols, so that you can have a high-quality aggregation source for the sharing class,High-quality sharing is also an important aspect of information output, but do not be a purely reprinted source of information (for your convenience, please put it in a private place, otherwise it is a type of duplicate information pollution), better than the article aggregation ability, you are not the opponent of the Social recommendation algorithm, pure reprint can only become a garbage source.The reader's information is aggregated and arranged and classified according to certain rules. It can also easily identify the quality of the information source, so as to easily lose those less valuable information sources.

Another advantage of using a reader instead of accessing the corresponding site is to avoid the urge to read comments. After all, the information quality of most comments is poor, unless some high-quality articles are valuable to your comments, visit and view them again.

Selection of information sources and content

In the selection of information sources, we should try our best not to subscribe to any source of high-quality content. Even if we look at the title, we can tell which information is of little value, it will also waste a lot of time because of the increase in information sources and the massive volume of junk information.

Various digital tutorials are very valuable,If the charge is too expensive, consider free of charge,At present, all Nb universities in the world have open courses,The Chinese subtitle group is also doing the localization of those courses, which is worth reading.

Pay-as-you-go purchaseOf course, e-books are a good method., The free version is also good, needless to say, systematic and easy to view and carry.

High-quality blogs may be a good source of information, as well as some specialized topics.Mutual reference between content-related information sources is very common. Through a high-quality information source, we can usually find a lot of high-quality information sources, and pay attention to accumulation at ordinary times,The collection of high-quality information sources is also a valuable asset.A large and wide portal site usually has low information quality and can be separated after reaching a certain level.

If you can, it is best not to go to the portal website; it is best not to go to the official channel of country C. Your thoughts will be inadvertently harmonious to a very low level, and it is easy to become silly. Foreign network services are preferred.

When reading with a reader, you can also pay attention to the information sources of its social recommendation, and occasionally have similar high-quality information sources.

An individual's growth speed must be higher than the overall growth rate of society. Therefore, it is felt that the level of personal growth has exceeded the information level of the source of information, and the deletion of this source of information must be deleted.

Micro-blog is not a place with high-quality information,He can provide you with the latest life news, but there is little deep thinking above. You can access it several times a day on a regular basis. Don't watch the updates.

In terms of content types, my personal idea is: to read less news, especially comments, is almost a waste; To Read less pure narrative content, unless you are studying something; if you do not like or entertain yourself,Less sensitive articles(Except for emotional ones), whether positive or negative,Strongly emotional content is usually extreme and lacks depth, or deliberately only presents content that is favorable for its opinion. Do not read it as often as you look at it.(As an emotional animal, it is almost certain that the emotional content looks good ("brainrules"), it is easy for people to become silly; it is better to simply read less funny and funny content, it is also easy for people to become stupid ;......

There is another problem. Pay attention to the big environment. After all, in the big environment of country C, we will suffer a variety of negative effects that we don't know yet. Let's take a look at the content of the outside world.

2. Time black hole Information Acquisition

Too much information will naturally consume too much time. The key to how to avoid time consumption on low-value information lies in the choice of content, and one is your own inclination to information, if you prefer systematic information, this problem may not be too big. (I am not doing well ......)

After the information is strictly filtered, there may still be a lot of information, which is a matter of reading skills,Quick reading and thinking are basic skills that require a lot of training.(I am doing very poorly ......)

There is also a problem of time management. reading every day is given priority and is performed according to the time block, do not go to the reader, email address, Im, blog, etc. from time to time (do not miss the urgent email ).Do not interrupt you with any unimportant things, especially when you enter"Stream experience"Status, this will seriously damage your current efficient state, and it may take several minutes to restore this state. In addition, there are far more things that can interrupt you than you think.(Here we have three pictures: Attention ). Important emergency, important, not urgent, not important urgent, not important or urgent. This time management is the simplest and most effective planning method that everyone should know, but it is not easy to do well. (Well, this is my fatal problem ...... -_-!, Urgent)

Information output

It takes a certain amount of time.In the long run, the benefits are not determined by yourself, and the benefits are delayed.I also feel it from the comments of other cool people. Although I don't know much about it, I want to try it.

At present, I personally think that nothing can be broken down, don't talk or complain, and it will not be a waste of time.

Although it takes time to output and obtain information, it is best not to waste food for any reason.

3. impetuous

One of the negative effects of an efficient network information culture is that readers are prone to impetuousness. If there is too much information, and the vast amount of information can't be absorbed every day, you have to do it quickly. For a long story, you may not be able to sit down and see it. For example, if I subscribe to a bunch of information sources with a reader, it is difficult to think about it if there are more than 1000 unread entries every day. As mentioned here: online reading, why are people impetuous ?, It is more representative. In my opinion, I only need to understand the meaning of the content mentioned above:Don't be greedy and strictly control the amount of information. reading a book twice in the same time may be more profitable than reading a few books. As long as you don't put the cart before the horse, you know what you are doing using the Internet,It should not be a problem.

5. Let's talk a little bit off-don't watch TV

Below I will produce a little bit of junk information.

Don't watch TV, especially news and review analysis. More specifically, CCTV. Except for leisure and entertainment.

It should be said that there are several very bad things about TV programs:

Program degree

Because of the TV audience, TV programs have relatively low benchmarks. When you have a certain degree of foundation, it is difficult for TV programs to improve your knowledge, thoughts, and skills. When you are no longer a newbie in a certain field, the TV watching rate/time ratio is very low. In addition, the individual's level of growth must be far faster than the social development, and due to the popularization of TV programs, various programs will certainly have little to watch.

Customs seller

Knowledge or analysis programs, to be vivid or to prolong the program time. The content that can be finished in 10 minutes can be made into 30 minutes, which is full of "why is XXXX ?" "Will XXXX happen ?" "How will things develop ?" "What is this ?" , "What should I do with XXXX ?"...... Then I followed the various preparations. After a long time, I finally introduced the core content. I also asked questions that were close to common sense (of course, this is also because the set benchmark is relatively low and you need to take care of the majority ).


What do you do if you are the master of your website? Either as an artistic work (maybe not many people are willing to enjoy the same work on a regular basis), or do not read it, or do not have the same method. What's even worse is that near the hour, there are almost clear advertisements ...... Unlike on the internet, advertisements on static text pages can be completely ignored, but TV advertisements cannot.

Malignant Indoctrination

In particular, news and analysis programs are both "upward", or reference a phrase that is easy to see in previous news: it is full of "ulterior motives ". The most disgusting thing is that the content related to political and economic affairs is full of hypocrisy and selfishness at the collective level.Let's look at the country at a glance.. Hypocrisy and selfishness. From the current universal point of view, although it is quite evil, it is quite common and understandable. However, we can't make sense at the same time. This is extremely significant on CCTV. It takes a long time to become stupid. However, it is not easy for people to understand. For the rapid development of the DPRK, we have contributed an indispensable harmonious force. In a word: "listening for both things is clear ."

Some people have explained this on the Internet, and you can also move here (slightly excited): TV leads the "low IQ Society ".

Finally, I complained about the following: "CNC", "XXX" (an uncivilized term). If you hijack the Web connection of my browser, you will not talk about it. You will also add advertisements to the page, it's too unmoral!

The complaint ends here.

Vi. Postscript

After reading a lot of messy content over the past six months, I feel a little confused. At first, I had these ideas because of this blog post (why should you write a blog from now on ), but the thought I wanted to write down was a conversation with ZZZ two days ago. Its philosophy is awesome: "What do I want to do in my mind ." (@ Zzz, sorry, you have disclosed your quotations without your permission and apologize .)

Please allow me to misunderstand and expand: always move forward toward your own goals, put your energy on meaningful things, and never always spend time remembering your previous glory, it is useless to become a thing of history. It is a waste of resources. Do not interfere with past experiences in future judgment and decision-making.

Of course, maybe I don't understand it at all. Maybe ZZZ's intention is much more profound than this. I hope ZZZ can give a lecture ~ (Is this another meaningless thing ?)

VII. Ending split line

You are welcome to discuss and make mistakes ~

It takes time to write such a thing ......

After writing, I found that it was quite long ......

Since the big environment is impetuous, I 'd like to endure such an article and I should not have read this article much ......

The typographical style continues to be pirated ".

Thanks to press start for asking questions about game earnings data and correcting a bug for me.

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