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A long night is really cool, but it will come to an end, Dawn is approaching, and the darkness before dawn also comes along. Now we have to deal with this tough time. I had to make a 12-point effort to fight for courage and honor.

The opening part is something I suddenly want to think about. It seems that it can describe my current mood. I haven't updated my blog for several days, and I open a new blog every day.
Post does not know what to write. Three days ago, my long-awaited score had actually come out, and my mood was so relaxed. At that time, I wanted to write something, But I suddenly found my head empty. I began to suspect that
All the inspiration I have collected has been formatted out. Fortunately, now we can write something again. Whether it's LJ or not, let's move it up first!

The importance of this exam can be described as a milestone in life. The process of meeting it is unbearable to look back, and now I am satisfied with the results. No matter whether I can get online or not, I have a clear conscience! I think this is also the most important thing. It is good to leave no regrets.

The dawn is approaching, and a difficult long journey has come to an end, which also indicates a new beginning. Whatever tomorrow, we should use the phrase "to inspire ourselves and strive for courage and honor!

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