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Many people think that prenatal education is the fetus to educate, in fact, this is not true.  Because the fetus does not have the ability to study in the mother's abdomen. Prenatal education actually refers to the use of various methods to stimulate the fetal body to help the brain cortex cell growth. Because brain cells are completely formed in the fetal period, in the subsequent lifetime, brain cells will only reduce the death, no longer increase.  Therefore, the premise of fetal education is that the fetus can sense the external environmental factors, when the fetus can respond to external factors, it is necessary to understand the fetal growth process.  1. The fetus's spine begins to form when the fetus is 2 months old from conception.  2. The 8th Week of pregnancy, the fetal skin has a feeling, the skin stimulation, can make the brain gradually developed.  3. Starting from the 2nd month of pregnancy, the fetus carries out a swimming-like movement in the amniotic fluid.  4. From the 3rd month of pregnancy, the fetus will suck his fingers, although not sophisticated, but as long as it can touch the mouth, whether it is the arm or the umbilical cord, the fetus will suck.  5. The fetus's small ears can be heard outside the womb from 4 months of gestation, and he or she will be surprised when a loud voice is heard.   6. After 5 months of pregnancy, the brain's memory ability begins, and when the fetus repeatedly hears the mother's voice, it can discern the sound, thus creating a sense of security.  7. After 5 months of pregnancy, can be skilled in sucking fingers, as long as the finger, can be very serious to continue, its demeanor seems to taste the taste of the fingers.  8. After 5 months of pregnancy, the kidneys begin to work, and after the fetus feeds the amniotic fluid, it can be filtered through the small intestine and small bowel in the amniotic fluid.  9. After 6 months of pregnancy, the fetus begins to have a sense of smell, and the fetus in the amniotic fluid can sniff the mother's scent and memory in the brain. 10. After 6 months of pregnancy, the mother often feel strong fetal movement, which is the fetus is kicking the uterine wall with their own feet, the vigorous movements of the feet to shake the amniotic fluid, thus stimulating the fetus's skin, to the brain to transmit impulses, promote development.  [Url=][/url] 11. After 7 months of pregnancy, the fetus should have the ability to see things.  12. After 7 months of pregnancy, the fetus will react to the outside sound like or dislike.  13. At 8 months of pregnancy, the fetus can hear the pitch and strength.  14. During the 8 months of pregnancy, the fetus has developed a taste system of 15. During the 8 months of pregnancy, the uterus shrinks or is subjected to external oppression, and the fetus kicks the wall of the uterus to resist. 16. After 8 months of pregnancy, the fetus begins to feel the mother's emotions.  Many experts believe that the feelings of the fetus and its mother are closely related, and the fetus and mother will share the joy and love. qq:805805077

Beijing Hot air Balloon rental

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