Beijing promotional film quotation, promotional film company quotation rules

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Most of the time, the customer from the online consultation may be called, the Chief will ask to do a company propaganda film how much money such questions, Beijing propaganda film offer is indeed every customer concern, affect the company's accounting and other work organization, but in the first moment difficult to give a precise quote, Can only give a rough quote, because the promotional film belongs to a custom category of goods, as long as the company after the exchange of talent to provide a specific price details. The company's promotional film is based on the following elements of the overall price is customized.
1. Propaganda film manufacturing Company's overall strength, the manufacturing strength of the company, they offer must be higher than those of the manufacturing strength of the company, from planning, filming to post-layout set hired some weak companies have a great advantage, natural its works are also more excellent.
2. The role the company wants to embody. Not the same as the embodiment of the formation of the difficulty of manufacturing is not the same, the role of the formation of the more difficult to create, the corresponding price of the more.
3. It is difficult to clutter the style, structure and principle of commodity. For example, a giant construction with a small stadium animation manufacturing, because the single from the modeling structure, the difference is big enough, so it will affect the price.
4. The company's demand for the quality of the film. HD, and SD, needless to say we all know that the cost of HD is relatively higher.
5. The company's supply of goods to the rich degree of material. If the customer supplies the goods the material is insufficient, the natural demand propaganda film manufacture company to seek the information. The labor that is consumed will fall into the range of quotations.
6. Deadline for completion of the rules. If the time is more urgent, then the price will have a certain impact.
Overall, the promotional film price from the above several aspects of the resolution, as long as the company and the propaganda film manufacturing company specific Exchange ability to get an accurate quote, the same is the future of a propaganda film condition of good or bad.

Beijing promotional film quotation, promotional film company quotation rules

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