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WP Super Cache is the official WordPress developer Donncha Development, is currently the most efficient and most flexible wordpress static cache plug-in. It generates the entire Web page directly HTML files, so that the WEB server does not have to parse the PHP script, by using this plugin, can make your WordPress blog will significantly accelerate.

WP Super Cache Basic Introduction

WP Super Cache is based on the Ricardo Galli Granada Wp-cache 2. Wp-cache 2 can cache your WordPress blog so that you do not have to access the database again, but it produces PHP files instead of HTML files, so you also need the PHP engine to parse them. WP Super Cache directly produces HTML files, so the server does not have to parse or even a single line of PHP code, so the cache after the speed and access to a picture on your server as fast.

Most users of the site will have direct access to the static HTML file generated by WP Super Cache, as long as he:

    • No login blog.
    • Didn't leave a message on the blog.
    • Or you do not have access to a password-protected log.

So 99% of users access to the static cache of HTML files, and those who are not directly access to static HTML files will benefit from the plug-in, they access to other forms of cache files, although not static HTML so efficient, but better than no cache.

How WP Super Cache works

WP Super Cache is cached in the following three ways (in order of cache efficiency):

    • mod_rewrite: The quickest way is to provide a static HTML file to the user through the Apache mod_rewrite module (or similar modules in other WEB servers), bypassing the PHP parser completely, quickly, It's easy to handle very large accesses, and the server is very light to operate. However, this approach requires that Apache has installed the Mod_rewrite module (or similar modules in other WEB servers) so that the blog can support fixed links, and also need to modify your. htaccess files, which are accessed by anonymous users in this way.
    • PHP: Super Cache static files in addition to HTML, it is now possible to improve the service in PHP mode, almost near the Mod_rewrite method, but the PHP method is better configured and does not need to modify the. htaccess file. The PHP method still needs to set the fixed link, but also lets you keep the page part dynamic, but when facing the big traffic access time, there is no Mod_rewrite method is outstanding.
    • Traditional Cache : This is mainly in the face of known users, those who have logged in, leave a message, this method is more flexible, but also the slowest, because each time you view the page, the information is different, so it is best for these users do not cache the entire page.

When the source code of the page is the following, it says that the cache has started to work:

<!--Dynamic page Served (once) in 0.829 seconds--><!--Cached Page generated by Wp-super-cache on 2009-01-12 16 : 11:54--><!--Compression = gzip--
WP Super Cache Basic use

WP Super cache installation is very simple, only need to upload to the plug-in directory, and then activation can be in the background > Settings > WP Super cache for detailed configuration. Let me talk about the basic settings of WP Super Cache:

Common settings

First, under Universal tab, turn on the caching feature.

Advanced Settings

In the Advanced tab, first select Mod_rewrite cache mode, and click Update, after the update, the plugin will let you update the rewrite rule to. htaccess file, to ensure that the htaccess file can be written, to update the content.

Miscellaneous basically the default recommended option is checked on, mobile device support, depends on what theme you use, if you use a responsive theme, here do not tick, if you have a mobile device is a different set of themes, here need to tick.

Other settings

CDN: If you use a CDN like seven kn, you can set it up here.

Content: Use to view those pages that have been cached and that the cache can be cleaned up.

Pre-cache: The default cache is user-driven, and the pre-cache makes it possible for the user to generate a cache file before it is accessed.

Plug-in compatible: is set WP Super Cache and the common plug-in compatibility work.

Debugging: For developers to debug, generally not used.

WP Super Cache Additional instructions
    • Landing and after the message is not to see the static cache page, see the effect and the original Wp-cache plug-in the same, generally speaking the students are not so many.
    • This plugin through the MoD Rewrite is to implement access to the static cache page, so first the host to support Mod Rewrite, and then open the WordPress fixed link function.
    • Some dynamically updated plugins, such as recent comments,recent Posts, may not be updated in a timely manner, and a good solution is through Javascript. So the same Sidebar update can only be updated when the static page refreshes.
    • Do not use the poor performance of the host, although the cache, but still no, if your website traffic is particularly large, we recommend that you use Media Temple such a powerful host.
    • WP Super Cache just cache the page as static HTML, the performance of the program is not provided, if you want to provide the performance of WordPress itself, please check: WordPress performance optimization: Why my blog faster than yours.

Best WordPress static Cache plugin WP Super cache installation and use (RPM)

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