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Beware of it black holesWhat is it black hole

It black hole refers to the enterprise in the use of information technology for business management, the large amount of hardware or software investment does not bring the expected management efficiency, enterprises in this aspect of investment seems to fall into a "black hole" phenomenon.

The cause of the IT black hole is that operations management is not able to solve problems in production and is afraid to take responsibility and pass the risk on to third parties. Try to persuade the enterprise, on these hardware can ensure production security and stability.

As a result, it budgets multiply, and businesses use almost all of their technology in a production environment.

Use the latest firewalls, forwarding the most powerful routers, the most powerful switches, expensive load balancing, high San area storage, de-duplication compression backup, real-time backup and recovery, mainstream servers and even minicomputer.

I used to write a joke about it. Black hole:

If we're going to be the chief architect, choose the best five-star computer room. Gigabit Backbone Ethernet Direct access to at least forged cabinet what firewalls, routers, switches, load Balancing yes, I can get him all the way upstairs there is a gym, there is a game room inside the door son, You're going to have to talk to someone about it. Can I help you sir? A typical British London cavity son has the face what hibernate, structs, spring,activemq all give me to do not say code how many lines, the light XML configuration file on 100M multi-gigabit An EMC storage put there, do what, Storage log4j Log One year service charge will be tens of thousands of dollars such a system, you guess how many yards of agricultural development, get, light exhausted on 10 of these systems can be used? Of course not. You have to find an outsourcing company, a dozen application server administrators, 18M certification of the kind, 24*365 in the recruitment of dozens of operations, 24 hours waiting for the system light to start a few days around the company is not Hadoop is bigtable if you use PHP, MySQL are embarrassed to greet others is a word---"expensive" day of network traffic to spend a Wan Ba-chu you say such development, yard how much money a day I think how to get 4,000 dollars 4,000 dollars?! That's the cost of 8,000 dollars. You don't have to be expensive, you have to study the boss's psychology is willing to pay $ thousands of five-star room of enterprises do not care about 2000 what is called Local tyrants enterprise you know? Local tyrants Enterprise is to buy anything to buy the most expensive, do not buy the best so, we do the project slogan is not to seek the best, but the most expensive.

Equipment on the upper, the accident will still come, the use of third-party enterprises to provide solutions may not be reliable, expensive hardware and software investment is not to create the due value.

At first Ibm,emc,vmware,oracle,microsoft,sap and so on, the company proposed a lot of solutions for different industries, such as ERP,CRM, retail, aviation solutions and so on. The traditional industry after half a century of development, refinement, has a complete, perfect, scientific management methods, clear flow, such as the manufacturing industry has ISO standards, these software enterprises after a long period of demand collection and finishing the end for different industries to develop a sound product and industry solutions. These programs are successful in the traditional enterprise, we can see ibm,sap,oracle in a variety of traditional industries have achieved brilliant success.

However, into the 90 's, this traditional business management model is more and more keep pace with the times, the advent of the new economic era of enterprises in the background of the Times and the competitive environment has undergone fundamental changes. Traditional solutions for software vendors are also not suitable for today's enterprises, increasingly exposing their drawbacks. Traditional software development method, a year after six months to release a version has been unable to adapt to the Internet era, we need a week or even a daily version. Especially in the current Chinese Internet environment, the daily may update several versions to the production environment frequently.

    1. Technological innovation continues to speed up, the competitive advantage of enterprises mainly comes from innovation. With the rapid development of science and technology, People's life rhythm more and more fast and the pursuit of individuality, product life cycle is shortened. Unlike the era of industrial economy, innovation (innovation) has become the primary goal in the era of knowledge economy. People win the competitive advantage of the market through systematic and continuous innovation. That is to say, in the knowledge economy era innovation no longer has a certain stage, product changes no longer have the characteristics of relative stability, so that enterprises through the decomposition and decomposition of product production, so that every step of the production standardization and simplification, and through large-scale production to reduce production costs, access to market competition advantage of the history of the past.

    2. Customer demand is constantly changing and product cycles are shrinking. In the age of knowledge economy, the era of "what to sell" is gone. Today's "buyer's Market" allows customers to widen the range of choices, but also make their expectations of products continue to improve, they are no longer satisfied with the reasonable price, but also the pursuit of product personalization, enterprises often have to according to customer demand "tailor-made". At the same time, the market competition intensifies, a large number of alternative products so that any one enterprise can not monopolize the market, and the abolition of trade barriers also means that customers not only from domestic products can also be from foreign products to seek their best interests, so customers no longer have the patience for a product and long wait. If enterprises can not immediately respond to changes in market demand, can not develop, produce and sell their products in a short period of time, the enterprise will be eliminated.

    3. The competition space expands unceasingly, the intense degree unceasingly intensifies. With the global economic integration, enterprise competition will no longer be subject to geographical restrictions, any enterprises must bear the competitive pressure from the development of international enterprises. On the other hand, small and medium-sized enterprises springing up, specializing in flexible production or service, and its low-cost operation on large-scale enterprise high-cost operations directly generate a competitive threat.

Analysis of the causes of it black hole generationThe human factor
    1. Enterprise re-management, light technology. Tend to manage people well, rather than fully empower technicians, and focus on technology development.

    2. Management does not have the ability to solve problems encountered in production

    3. Afraid to take responsibility, if the use of MySQL in the production environment what to do, who can take responsibility? Instead of using Oracle, there are problems with the factory door to address, the responsibility passed on to the manufacturers.

    4. To stabilize the state of mind, do not work will not be an accident, do not have an accident in my office, the evaluation of subordinate work standards is how accurate, any adventure and innovative behavior is not welcome. Therefore, the enthusiasm and creativity of members ' self-decision-making are greatly suppressed. resulting in a single employee skills, poor adaptability, lack of enthusiasm, initiative, poor sense of responsibility, resulting in a decline in work and service quality.

Issues from the organizational structure

The traditional theory of enterprise organization tells us that when the scale of organization expands to a certain extent, we must ensure effective leadership by increasing management level. In the enterprise scale certain situation, the management amplitude is inversely proportional to the management level. When the enterprise developed to a certain scale, the drawbacks of this management system are highlighted.

Too many organizations, departments according to the Division of professional functions, organizations bloated, to promote bureaucracy these are the main reasons for the emergence of it black holes. All departments concerned only the work of the Department, and to achieve the satisfaction of the superior department, the lack of cooperation and service awareness. Departments often start from their own local interests, carefully conceived their own behavior, so that their goals over the organization's goals. This decentralization and divergence of interests may be able to improve local interests, but weaken the effectiveness of the Organization as a whole.

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Beware of it black holes

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