Billy and the Queen

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Billy and the Queen



Billy Parker is fourteen. He has got brown hair, green eyes and a small nose.
Billy Parker is 14 years old. He has golden hair, green eyes, and a small nose.
He has got a sister, too.
He has another sister.
Her name is Roxanne (but everybody callher ROX )..
Her name is Roxanne (but everyone calls her ROX ).
It's August. Billy and Rox are staying at their grandmother's house in Brighton.
This is July. Billy and Rox are staying at Brighton's grandmother's house.
One Sunday, bill looks at his bicycle.
Billy watched his bicycle one Sunday.
It's very, very old.
It is very old.
"I need a new one," he says.
"I need a new one," he said.
"But the question is how? New bikes are so expensive"
"But what is the problem? New bicycles are so expensive ."
"It's all right for you", says Rox.
"I haven't got a bike at all." At that moment Gran opens the back door.
"You are good," Rox said. "I have no bicycles yet ." Grandma opened the backdoor.
"Tes !" She says. Billy and Rox go into the house.
"Tes !" She shouted. Billy and Rox enter the room.
"Gran," says Billy at tea. "do you know how I can make a lot of money ?" Gran smiles at him.
"Grandma," Billy said at the tea table. "You know how I can make a lot of money ?" Grandma smiled at him.
"Why do you ask ?" "He wants to buy a new bike," says Rox.
"Why are you asking ?" "He wants to buy a new bicycle," Rox said.
"Oh, I see." Gran thinks for a minute.
"Oh, I understand ." Grandma thought for a minute.
Then she says, "I know !"
Then I said, "I know !"
"What ?" Asks Billy. a magazine called Palace is on the table.
"What is it ?" Billy asked. There is a magazine called the Palace on the table.
Gran opens it. "Look," she says.
Grandma opens a magazine. "Look," she said,
"There's a competition here and the first prize is 500 ."
"In this competition, the first prize is 500 yuan ."
Bill looks at the magazine.
Billy looked at the magazine.
"Send us a photo of you and the Queen together," he reads.
"Send us a photo of the queen with you," he reads.
"Together ?" Says Rox. Billy looks at Gran.
"Together ?" Rox. Billy looked at his grandmother.
"But I don't understand," he says.
"But I don't understand," he said.
"How do people know where the queen's going to be ?"
"How do people know where the Queen is going ?"
"That's easy," says Gran.
"That's easy," said grandma.
"It tells you every week in them magazine ."
"They will tell you every week in their magazines ."
She turns to page 67 of palace.
She turned the magazine to 67 pages.
"Look-Here we are. tomorrow she's going to a horse show near here.
"Look -- here. Tomorrow she will visit a horse exhibition nearby.
On Wednesday she's going to see a film, and on Friday she's going to open a new hospday ."
She wants to see a movie on Wednesday and cut the color for a new hospital on Friday ."
Billy looks at Rox.
Billy looked at Rox.
"What do you think ?" He asks. Rox smiles, "I think you can buy two new bikes for 500," she says.
"What do you think ?" He smiled and asked Rox, "I think you can buy two bicycles for 500," she said.

The next day is Monday.
The next day is Monday.
There is a horse show near Brighton and the Queen is going to be there at 11 o'clock.
There is a horse exhibition near Brighton and the Queen will go there.
Billy and Rox leave at 10 o'clock.
Billy and Rox left home.
"Now have you got everything ?" Asks Gran.
"Have you brought everything together now ?" Asked Grandma.
"Camera? Sandwiches? Umbrella? Coffee? Money ?" Bill looks at the sky.
"Camera? Sandwich? Umbrella? Coffee? Money ?" Billy looked up at the sky.
"Yes, Gran," he says.
"Yes, Grandma," he said.
"All right, then-Have a nice time," says the old lady.
"Okay, have a good time," said the old man.
Rox smiles. "Thanks, Gran," she says.
Rox said with a smile, "Thank you, Grandma ."
Brighton Station is only five minutes away from Gran's house. Bill and Rox walk there.
Brighton Station is only 5 minutes away from Grandma's house.
"OK-which train do we want ?" Asks Billy.
"Okay -- what kind of car are we going to do ?" Billy asked.
The 10.18, "says Rox.
"10.18," Rox said.
They arrive at the horse show just after 11 o'clock.
They just arrived at the horse exhibition.
There are lots of people.
There are many people there.
"Can you see the queen ?" Asks Rox.
"Can you see the queen ?" Rox.
"No, I can't," says Billy. He looks left and right.
"No, I can't see it," Billy said. He looked around.
Then he stops.
Then he stopped.
"Look. She's over there ."
"Look, she's there ."
He is right. The Queen is standing next to a horse.
He is right. The Queen is standing beside a horse.
"Have you got the camera ?" Asks Bill.
"Do you have a camera ?" Billy asked.
"Yes." Rox takes it out of her bag.
"Yes ." Rox took the camera out of her bag.
"Come on," says Billy. He smiles.
"Hurry up," Billy said. He smiled.
"This is going to be easy." But at that moment, three very tall men stand in front of him and Rox.
"That's easy ." But at this moment, three very tall men stood in front of rox and him.
"We want to take a photo of the Queen," says Billy.
"We want to take a photo of the Queen," Billy said,
"Is that OK ?" "No," says one of the men.
"OK ?" "No," said a man.
He puts his face near Bill's. "It's not"
He put his face close to Billy's face and said, "No ."
Rox looks at Billy. It's starting to rain. "Come on," she says.
Rox looks at Billy. It starts to rain. "Let's go," she said.
Let's go home. We're not going to get a photo today. We can try again on Wednesday. The Queen's going to see a film in London, remember ?" Wednesday arrives.
"Let's go home. We have not taken any photos today. We will try again on Wednesday. The Queen is going to watch a movie in London on Wednesday. Remember ?"
It's Wednesday.
Billy and Rox take a train to London.
Billy and Rox took the train to London.
They get to the Odon cinema, Leicester Square at 7.15.
They arrived at the Odon cinema in Leicester Square.
In palace magazine it says "the film starts at 7.30.
The royal palace magazine said, "the movie starts ."
There are hundreds of people outside the cinema
There are hundreds of people outside the cinema.
Everyone is waiting to see the queen.
Everyone is waiting to see the queen.
Her car arrives at 7.25.
Her car arrived at 7: 25.
"OK," says Billy. "Are you ready ?" Rox smiles and says, "yes". The car stops.
"Okay," Billy said. "Are you ready ?" Rox smiled and said, "Yes ." The car stopped.
The queen gets out. Everyone starts to move.
The Queen stepped out of the car. Everyone starts to move.
"Now !" Says bill, but suddenly Rox cann't see anything.
"It's now ." Billy said, But Rox suddenly saw nothing.
She puts the camera abve her head.
She put the camera on her head.
Click! But she only gets a picture of Bill's right ear.
Click it! But she only took a picture of Billy's right ear.
Now it's Friday afternoon.
It is now Friday afternoon.
Bill and Rox are outside a new hospital in London.
Billy and Rox are standing out of a new hospital in London.
Bill is carrying lots of red roses.
Billy holds many roses.
At 2.30 he is going to give them to the Queen.
At, he will dedicate them to the Queen.
At that moment, Rox is going to take a photo.
At that time, Rox will take a picture.
Just before 2 o 'clock the hospital doors open.
The hospital opened the door just before two o'clock.
"What's happening? Says Billy. "someone comes out.
"What happened ?" Billy said. Some people came out.
It's a tall mam with gray hair.
He is a tall gray man.
"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen," he says.
"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen," he said.
Everyone is quiet. The man looks at his shoes.
Everyone calmed down. The man looked at his shoes.
Then he looks at all the people in front of him.
Then he looked at the crowd in front of him.
"I'm afraid l' ve got some bad news," he says.
"I'm afraid I want to tell you some bad news," he said.
"The Queen has a cold and can't be with us today ."
"The Queen caught a cold and cannot be with everyone today ."
"That's it," says Billy.
"That's it," Billy said.
He gives the roses to a woman beside him.
He gave the rose to a woman next to him.
"Here," he says, "You can have these ."
"Yes," he said. "You can take it away ."
Then he walks down the street.
Then he walked away along the street.
He is very angry. Rox follows him.
He is very angry. Rox follows him.
Two minutes later she stops.
She stopped two minutes later.
Billy looks behind him.
Billy looked behind him.
"What are you doing ?" He asks ./
"What are you doing ?" She asked.
Rox is standing in front of a big building.
Rox is standing in front of a big house.
"I 've got an idea" she says and smiles.
"I have an idea," she said, smiling.
Now Billy looks at the building, too.
Billy now saw the big house.
It's Madame Tussaud's.
This is the lady's wax museum.
"An idea? He says. "Yes." Rox takes his arm.
"One idea ?" He asked. "Yes ." Rox pulls his arm.
"Come on," she says.
"Come on," she said.
"Let's go in" Billy follows her.
"Let's go in ." Billy followed her.
"Bur Why ?" He Saks. "I don't understand ."
"But why ?" He asked, "I don't understand ."
"Don't ask questions. Just follow me," says Rox.
"Don't ask. Just follow me, "Rox said.
There are lots of famous people in Madame Tussaud's.
There are many famous people in Madame
Popstars-sports stars-world leaders... Suddenly,
Pop stars-sports stars-world leaders... Suddenly,
Billy sees the British royal family.
Billy saw the British royal family.
"Now d you understand ?" Asks Rox.
"Do you understand now ?" Rox.
"Yes," says Billy and starts to laugh.
"Yes," Billy replied, and began to smile.
He stands next to the Queen.
He stood next to the Queen.
"Smile," says Rox. Her brother smiles.
"Smile," Rox said. His brother smiled.
Click! Rox takes a photo.
Click it! Rox took a picture.
But at that moment someone shouts.
But at this moment someone is calling it.
"Hey! What areyou two doing ?" IR's a Madame Tussaud's guard and he is very angry.
"Hello! What are you two doing ?" He was a guard at Madame tussaup's wax museum and he was very angry.
"You can't take photos like that in here," he says.
"You cannot take a photo like this," he said.
"Come on. Give me that camera, now !" Rox looks at Billy.
"Come here. Give me the camera, right away !" Rox looks at Billy.
"Run," says Billy
"Run," Billy said.
They start to run. The guard follows them.
They started to escape and the guards chased them.
"Come back here !" He shouts. But Billy and Rox don't stop.
"Back !" He shouted. But Billy and Rox didn't stop.

Two weeks later, Gran is talking to her neighbor-mrsclark.
Two weeks later, Grandma was talking to her neighbor, Mrs. Clark.
They are both looking at palace magazine.
Both of them are reading the palace magazine.
Out in the garden, Billy and Rox are riding their new bikes.
In the garden outside, Billy and Rox are riding their new bicycles.
"What a beautiful photo !" Says Mrs Clark.
"What a beautiful photo !" Said Mrs Clark.
"And how wonderful for you to have a grandson who knows the Queen. Does he know her well ?"
"And you have a Grandmaster who knows the queen. Does he know her very well ?"
"No not very well," says Gran. She smiles.
"Not very familiar," said grandma. She smiled,
"More tea, Mrs Clark? "
"Would you like tea again, Mrs. Clark ?"

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