Bitbucket free code hosting space: Private repos personal space that can be bound to a domain name

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This website is very useful for recording.

Bitbucket is a free code hosting space similar to GitHub. It uses mercurial and git as the distributed version control system. In general, Bitbucket and GitHub are equivalent in terms of code hosting and management, bitbucket is even more famous than GitHub in some aspects.

Anyone who has used the GitHub space knows that the repos on GitHub is public. unless you are willing to pay, the code you put on GitHub can be downloaded by everyone. Users in the free version of Bitbucket can have unlimited private repos. Now you can store some code that you do not want to disclose in Bitbucket.

The free package of the Bitbucket space is 1 GB. It supports collaboration between five users, provides a second-level domain name personal homepage, and can bind a domain name so that your personal code homepage can be accessed directly with your own domain name, facilitate your team collaboration. Bitbucket is the same as other code hosting spaces, so you can easily get started with this experience.

Similar to Bitbucket, the free space is stable and powerful:

  • 1. GitHub space: free and open-source GitHub pages space can bind a domain name to build a personal blog to store image files
  • 2. gitcafe space: Trial Application for gitcafe online hosting software project platform in China: A simple comparison with GitHub
  • 3. Open-Source Free Space: Special Topics: space application, domain name binding, File Upload Installer

Bitbucket free code hosting space: Private repos personal space that can be bound to a domain name

1. register an account for the free space of Bitbucket

1. Official website of Bitbucket:

  • 1, the official website home page:

2. After Entering the page, click "register" to open the new user registration page.

3. Enter your personal basic information.

4. After submitting your registration, you need to go to your mailbox to receive the activation email.

5. After confirmation, log on to the Bitbucket and create a new repository directly.

6. Enter Your repository name and repository type, as well as the language for hosting code. (Click to enlarge)

7. Note: If you want a personal homepage for a second-level domain name, set the repository name to "username For example, if my user name is freehao123, the name is written as

Ii. upload code files in Bitbucket free space

1. After the repository is created, the operation instructions page for uploading code and managing files is displayed. You can perform operations according to the code given above.

2. Install the GIT software on your computer. Here is GIT for Windows.

3. Start git and create a folder on the hard drive of your computer to store the files to be uploaded. My git is installed on the E drive, and I have created the folder freehao123 in the E drive.

4. Execute the following commands in sequence to add the local folder path to git.

cd \cd freehao123git initgit remote add origin

5. Replace freehao123 with your own link address.

6. Execute the following command to generate a description file and upload all the files in the freehao123 folder.

echo "# This is my README" >> README.mdgit add .git commit -m "First Commit. Adding a README."git push -u origin master

7. After the upload is complete, click "show me my repos" on the page to create and display the entire code library.

Iii. How to bind a domain name to a free Bitbucket

1. Go to your space account management page.

2. Click "Custom domain name" on the left ".

3. Go to your domain name DNS management office and record the cname of the domain name you want to bind. The record value is

4. Then, return to the custom domain name in the Bitbucket to add the domain name you just resolved.

5. If your domain name has been successfully resolved to, you can see the added message.

6. After this is done, you can directly use your own domain name to access your own project address. This is especially useful for the team's operations.

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