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Angry Birds used to be very popular, the internet also said that he is the programmer's favorite play game. First of all, I was Wikioi's evaluation page to see him, and later in 2014 The National Information Science Olympic League the first day of the third question flying Bird also saw it. So suddenly I wanted to make a game that was a little more simple--an angry calf--like an angry bird.

I use scratch programming software, the reason is called "calf", because the image of the calf in scratch is better than the bird. I. Demand analysis

1, the bird: with the calf instead, the game has been to drop, the user clicks the mouse or press the move button to move up a little bit.

2, water pipe: Due to the height of the water pipe calculation and setup more trouble, so use the devil instead, no points up and down.

3, Game points: the Devil moved to the left, score +1

4. End of game: calf encounters devil or touches edge two, program realizes

1, calf: The beginning of the game, y coordinates have been-1, but press the move key or click the mouse, y+10, touch the Edge or devil, mark the end.

2, the Devil: themselves hidden, each time cloning their own, the clone moved to the right of the random height, slowly to the left, hit the left edge of the score of +1, they disappeared at the same time.

3, Start and end: Click on the green Flag broadcast start, each role at the same time executing code, found marked 1 when stopped in all, show game over.

Iii. Description of the game

Under the sea, there are many ghosts and goblins, they will only move to the left, touch the magic wand will die. In order to eliminate ghosts and goblins, the calf decided to sea alone, to attract ghosts touch magic wand. This is very dangerous, because the calf encounters ghosts and goblins, it will be eaten. Moreover, in the sea, because the calf is very heavy, will continue to sink, sinking into the seabed will not go, so the calf needs to keep up the swim; however, the calf will not be able to sail after the sea, so the calf can not surface. Press the key or click the mouse, the calf can go upstream, do not operate the calf will slowly sink into the seabed. Iv. Display of games

Blog does not seem to send SWF, temporarily provide not. V. Improvement of the game

This is just the simplest version, you can also set different speed, or add other elements to make the game better play.

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