Blog Garden background Music call, all-in-all netease cloud music, shrimp

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How to do the monotonous text, let the music for your blog add material. What the? You write a technical blog do not engage in so much literature and art, uncle, technical blog can also be very literary and artistic.

Today, the next three points, NetEase cloud, shrimp, all the xx music occupy the domestic music market, but to talk about the song library which all, NetEase cloud shrimp decorum. So, for the blog to add a stable music outside the chain, the choice between the two.

Choose the right background music on the website and chain it out

What is "the right background music"? First of all, the prelude should not be too abrupt, or the Netizen opens your blog is "The Sound of the boom", the half-pipe to do a heart attack? The second is a soft melody that maximizes the audience because most people do not resent the music. Do these two points, you can go to netease cloud \ Dried Shrimp Search for selected songs, of course, can also be outside the chain song list.

Under the song/Playlist page, click on "Create external link Player" (NetEase), "reprint" (shrimp) can see the song's HTML code. Here is an example of the song Echo, which shows the difference between the two different players.

<embed src= "" type= "Application/x-shockwave-flash" Width= "257" height= "wmode=" Transparent "></embed>

<iframe frameborder= "No" border= "0" marginwidth= "0" marginheight= "0" width=330 height=86 src= " /outchain/player?type=2&id=18607260&auto=0&height=66 "></iframe>

It is worth noting that the shrimp use is embed and NetEase cloud is an IFRAME, and IFRAME has a big problem, this NetEase cloud also has a hint "many blog sites do not support embedded IFRAME, please try your website support." None of this matters, it is important that the blog Park does not support IFRAME. Of course to solve is also very simple, the IFRAME replaced with embed on the line, notice before and after two marks are to replace Oh, in addition, since there is no IFRAME, natural frameborder can also be removed, the result is:

<embed border= "0" marginwidth= "0" marginheight= "0" width=330 height=86 src= "Http:// Type=2&id=18607260&auto=0&height=66 "></embed>

Note: auto=1 for AutoPlay, 0 for not autoplay, width and height to modify the front, according to your own Bo pi adjustment.

Apply the external link player to the homepage of the blog Park

This must be known to everyone, enter the blog park settings, copy the previous code added in the Top/footer/post, refresh the blog page, you can see the player enchanting to lie on the page.

(placed in the bulletin board)

The following is the recommended time for songs

Blog Garden background Music call, all-in-all netease cloud music, shrimp

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