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Who does a person's blog write for? Written for himself, or for the reader? Should blogs cater to their readers and write about what their readers like? This is probably a problem that puzzles many bloggers. Today I will discuss the problem in detail.

  A spoiled reader.

Blog early is another form of diary, with strong personalization, the reader is initially attracted by the author's personality, and subscribe to or read the blog for a long time. However, as readers accumulate more and more readers of the blog will be more and more, most readers and authors form a benign feedback and interaction, encourage and guide the author further creation.

But there are very few readers, the so-called "spoiled" readers, try to form some influence on the author, and through the message, write articles or other forms, exert influence on the author's writing, ask the author to write according to their own requirements, writing their favorite articles, if not according to their own requirements writing, They are threatened by withdrawal. To some extent, the author has been blackmailed by this handful of readers. A handful of readers, for their own satisfaction, do not have any moral guilt over the blackmail.

In an environment like China, it is not surprising to have such a reader, these are "spoiled" readers, especially college students, who have plenty of time to use this pirated operating system and free software, use free services on the Internet, look at free good articles, for them, It is perfectly natural for others to send good things to their own hands. Ask a question, with what author wants to provide you with the outstanding article for free, you in request so many at the same time, paid what?

For this kind of university student, Wei Wu once said that they have no consumption ability, the utility is very strong, can say the commercial value is very low, they not only will not click the advertisement on the blog, but also will attack these advertisements to affect their vision, often can not give the author any form of return, some even bring negative feedback. If a blogger is to be reduced to cater to the tastes of such readers, it is better to shut it down.

  Bad Internet environment in China

This is also a vicious circle of China's Internet today-the original content of the author can not gain from their own creation, it will reduce the author's desire to create, resulting in a reduction in the update. Why is the original content not worth the money in China? Because the traditional concept of Chinese people is not respect for intellectual property rights, various types of aggregation or portal sites directly copy the article of personal blog, some also plausibly, this situation in foreign countries the Internet is very rare. Foreign Internet has thus formed a more mature industrial chain, resulting in a large number of professional blog, full-time to update the blog, excellent Good articles are endless, many even translation can not translate. By contrast, the number of Internet users in China, according to the world's second, has not yet appeared a blog for the occupation of professional blog, China's internet environment is very bad.

The current situation is that the survival environment of personal blog is very difficult, personal hard to create content but for a variety of reasons can not give individuals should get the return, all kinds of portal sites or so-called social recommendation engine, through human flesh of the way or collect full text RSS Feed and machine automatic screening in the form of a personal blog to pick out excellent articles, from the content, the content of personal blog is far from the portal site and aggregation line site compared to the mainstream portal site has its own editorial team and marketing team, with sufficient resources and ability to output better content, the social recommendation engine is simpler , even the editors don't need it, directly through the calculation and screening of the most popular article output, and personal blog to write a good article needs to be brewing a long time, a week to write a good article has been good, and most Chinese bloggers are "silly" full text of the RSS output, automatically help these aggregate web site to reduce the workload, These sites are updated frequently, content is also featured a lot of blog good articles, all the traffic is gradually flow to such portals and aggregation sites, if only from the content or search engines, personal blog in this harsh Internet environment to survive extremely difficult.

  The choice of personal blog

The way to deal with the aggregated nature of the site is also very simple, that is, RSS digest output, but this will also hurt the loyal readers of the blog, it is a dilemma, you can also ask these aggregate sites do not provide snapshots, but usually not a positive response, the other side will be plausible, Said you see a certain website also has a snapshot of the Web page and so on, the monk touch, I can not touch it?

Against the portal site, you can ask the portal site to delete copied articles, but often waste a lot of time and effort, for the blog itself is not worth the candle.

Blog author full text RSS output is for these collection site convenient aggregation? Why do so many people like to "steal" content without any sense of guilt? Or because readers, readers like to read good content, but most readers are not concerned about the source of content, as long as the content to meet the needs of the reader is enough. And those portals and aggregated web sites just cater to their needs, offering a huge and excellent personalized content that is free.

Sometimes I wonder when China's Internet environment can become as good as the United States, all the problems are solved, to that time, China will certainly emerge a large number of high-quality original blog and blog team, the entire Internet knowledge transfer and accumulation will become rich and interesting, the value of the individual will be fully reflected , but it all seemed so far away.

  Why did you stop writing?

China's special situation is doomed to the fate of China's blog, over the past few years there are too many excellent original blog is ultimately to fend for themselves the sad end, can adhere to a few. I started blogging in 2005, when there were so many blogs in the links, and now there are a few in the update? If you write a good article, but find that most people are not on your blog to see this article, you will continue to keep writing? Can you endure long hours of writing without any return? Can you endure the harsh and selfish threats of the readers? Can you tolerate people who are insulting and attacking you for your own business interests? Enough, already too much ... Too many reasons cause bloggers to stop writing.

Can adhere to the blog is not much, the rest can not get rid of the fate of the final, that is, sooner or later you will stop writing, you write an article, will be towards that fate further, that day will eventually come.

So what is your insistence? Perhaps you have also thought of giving up the day, but you are not willing to give up. Everyone will adhere to their own beliefs, in other people's view, this is a waste of time, perhaps also very silly, but sometimes, blog writing power may only be left with this last point of faith, that is, adhere to their own value, write for themselves, for their own survival.

  Who do you write for?

It's time to go back to the question that you mentioned before, and who is your blog for?

The answer is simple: Your blog is written for your own, blog authors should not cater to their readers, adhere to their own principles is the bottom line, whether your blog is famous or not well-known, the blog should always be written for their own, the blog itself is a personalized platform, It's a sad thing to change yourself for the sake of others, and if your blog doesn't have the ability to write for yourself, your blog is dead.

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