BlueDream. js (Blue Dream)-guide plug-in for jQuery websites

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It's time for me to wander around the front-end world. I know a little about common plug-ins, but I rarely see user guide plug-ins.

The so-called User Guide plug-in is the first time a website is used, some small animations will pop up, tell you the basic usage of the website, help you get started quickly.

This should be a common function, and it is not difficult to make a plug-in. Since there are still few plug-ins, write a dish!

So BlueDream. js was born... Because the design color of this plug-in is blue, it is named "Blue Dream ".




BlueDream. js is a user guide plug-in that makes your website easier to get started.

BlueDream. js depends on jQuery, so it is small and optimized in detail, with smooth effects and stable performance.

BlueDream. js is well-designed and easy to use. You only need to introduce one css file and one js file.

The BlueDream. js interface is simple and generous, improving the website grade instantly.



More information:


The URL of the BlueDream. js project.

BlueDream. js demo address.

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