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Windows system for the user's personal data security, you can set the password for the login account, you only have the corresponding login password, you can login to carry out a series of operations, but sometimes we forget the password, then how to do? This article describes some of the simpler ways to teach you how to log on to your Windows system with a forgotten password.

Step method

For security of the computer data or for other reasons, we sometimes need to set the password on our own system, then when we forget the password, we try the following steps:

If the user name on this login interface is not administrator, then in this login interface state We press two consecutive key "Ctrl+alt+del", a login box, we enter the user name in the Login box administrator, password do not input, Then make sure to see if you can log in, if you can login in the best, if you can not log in, that the default administrator account is installed in the system when the password has been set, then use other methods.

This small method is usually when we install the XP system, the administrator is the default admin account, and the General people will not set the password at this time, and if you set up other accounts, The Administrator account will not appear when using the welcome interface, and we are exploiting this vulnerability.

If set is the password of the Administrator account number, then use ERD Commander 2003来 to fix him now. First, we need to have a bootable CD with ERD Commander 2003, and then set the first boot entry in the computer's BIOS to the optical drive CDROM, put the CD into the CD drive, then F10 save the BIOS settings and reboot the computer, as shown below.

F10 save BIOS settings and reboot.

Third, after entering the PE system, we have to set up the current system, (I used here is the remote mountain Hongye tool plate, May and now other PE has different, but basically not too much, we can look for the ERD 2003 before you can use)

Usually we set C disk as the system disk, point to Windows folder, if it is a dual system, please do not set the wrong directory.

Iv. after setting up, we use the Modify user password in ERD 2003 to locksmith this function

A modified interface, we can see this locksmith has the ability to modify WindowsNT, 2000, and XP passwords.

We click Next, will pop up to select the user name of the interface, we can choose according to need, and then enter your new password (this is mandatory change, not like in Windows to enter the original correct password before you can set the new password), here should be noted here is only modified, not deleted. Next, you'll be prompted to "password modified successfully, restart the computer to test the new password," and then restart the computer after you finish (finish). Now you can log in with your newly set password.

Of course, the ERD Commander 2003 is very powerful, you can maintain the system, such as System Restore, repair system guidance, restore data and so on, we are interested in their own research.

Summary: These so-called methods are to take advantage of a certain Windows system vulnerabilities, as the Windows system matures, I believe that Microsoft will provide us with an increasingly secure and reliable Windows system. So I am here to remind you that if you set a password, be sure to remember the password, so as not to cause unnecessary loss.

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