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Many friends have encountered embarrassing things, especially when the boot, suddenly do not want to boot password, this is a how depressing things ah, repeated experiments or helpless, now, I say forget to boot password how to do?

Forget to boot password is often the case, face this login box

We have to observe carefully, if the user name is set not Administsator, we can use

The Ctrl+alt+del key (that is, the key combination of Call Task Manager) enters a dialog box that allows you to enter your own username.

Then enter administsator This administrator account name, the default is no password, tap confirm that some of the computer can enter.

If you can't get in, you can use the second kind of hardware

There's a button battery on the motherboard.

Remove it, discharge it, and then install it 5-10 minutes later. Because the power-on password program is stored on the motherboard, in the absence of power source, rely on this button battery to power, remove it will cause the password automatically disappear.

However, with the development of science, this bug was fixed on some motherboards, if still unable to access the system

Then you need a USB drive, which contains the WinPE launcher.

When you start the computer by choosing to boot from the U disk, you will enter a simple Windows system that is WinPE

There are a variety of utilities in the Start menu with options for removing the password

If you do not have a U disk or can not find a WinPE production program, then we could buy a book in the computer city

"Depth" or "Computer company" Windows system disk, choose to enter from the CD, you can reload the C disk to reset the password, but the general plate is also integrated with a Reset password tool.

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