Boulevard to Jane Read Note 01

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In the teacher's list of all the recommended books to read this book, the first time to see the road to Jane this book can be turned from the beginning to the end, this book is very short, but the contents of the book is short, but it is concise, the truth is succinct.

Boulevard to Jane This book has a total of eight chapters: The meaning of programming, is lazy people to create a method, the lack of the team is not just management, a mere formality of communication, the process of failure is also the process, from programming to engineering, real software engineering, is thinking or thinking.

In the first chapter, the essence of programming is the fundamental of programming from the example of "Yugong Yishan": order, branching and looping. When reading the example of Yugong Yishan, it is still a small story to read as a child, but there is no idea that the story is closely related to programming. Through this story can be mapped to life everywhere is full of programming ideas, we should learn to observe and find even to learn to use this idea, Yugong Yishan story because there is a condition of jumping out of circulation, so does not form a cycle of death, this also embodies a programming idea. We have to learn to use a programming perspective to look at a problem, the first to analyze the matter clearly, the logical relationship of events and dependencies can be clearly listed, and then use the code to achieve, so that our programming to do less. Recently, the teacher left a buy "Harry Potter" book How the Most preferential program, the first need is in the draft paper to buy one to 10 of the scheme, calculate the most preferential to find the law to write the corresponding algorithm, give us the greatest feeling is to first analyze this topic clearly, Find the relationship and law can have the correct programming ideas, can quickly write a program, a task to start coding programmers, usually the most overtime programmers, active work and diligent thinking to occupy time. The fastest way to cut a tree is to take the time to sharpen the knife, so do not see the topic on the programming, the idea is not clear, this will allow you to program the time to lengthen without several times.

Boulevard to Jane Read Note 01

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