Boundless stand, lonely Shadow, thousand Years a sigh

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Boundless stand, lonely Shadow, Thousand Years a sigh, fiber fingers between the pieces of dust. Ask, who in the dead of Night tears blurred? In the red dust, who planted the love of the tricky? In the boundless sea of people, who drank the poison of love? Where the lights are dim, who sees me dancing alone? Clothes Mei fluttering, clothes Mei fluttering, after dancing I am still a fox. Thousand Years of lonely soul ...

--If the rain is not dust

"Thousand Years of practice, fall into your red dust"

"I am a practicing Millennium Fox, thousand Years of practice, thousand years of loneliness, in the dead of night, can be heard I cry, lights dim place, can be seen I dance" when the ears floated this beautiful and sentimental "white fox", the heartstrings will be in a moment of micro-flutter, shanran falling tears, splashing wet the clothes mei. I think, perhaps I was the Millennium practice fox, accidentally drank the poison of love, destined not to continue, this life only in the shore of the lookout.

Tears mottled, gently wipe at the brow, as time of the river at the side of the quiet drip, MoU light through the distant desolate, stop in there you on the other shore. All my thoughts spread to the distant sky in the middle of the night. Thousands of years of looking back, thousands of years of waiting, shake a wisp of Lingbo light dance fragrance, stepping on a road of sadness, willing to follow the fleeting, across the mountain, across the water, across the horizon, across the cape, across the years, through the vicissitudes of life in thousands of years, only for with you to renew the reunion.

The clothes are clear, surrounded by the breeze, the city pavilion at night is far from flickering with flickering light. Suddenly immersed in a few bits of memory, and began to sentimental, we meet in our pattern of love, once naïve thought you would be my first stop, also that station last bus, will and I bound to our end of time. I did not think you are only a bus on my way, but the starting point of happiness, and no end, just a curtain of my dream only. For this dream, for your parting of the review, so, with all the memories of past lives, carrying a few lifetimes of joys and sorrows, into this life has you in the world of mortals.

A curved clear month hangs in Willow Shaotou, faint of the shining of the ground. Do not know how many wet dreams of Acacia, tired of a few years like the beauty of water? That Kate-like feelings into a lonely purples, for the heart painted a different kind of a pen. I used to comfort the wounded woman around me, but I couldn't heal the scar in my heart. Get up, shake off the dust, will oneself drunk into the moon under the clear shadow, to the night sky silently look up. A whisper of silence, in a dream, is still your warm smile.

Shallow frown MoU, half hanging silk, how many sincerity, in the light jumps of instantaneous, how many melancholy, in moonlight hazy under faint to open? How many of the pouring, soothing in the gentle brow?

Cloud Shadow, flower scars, hidden in the eyebrows between the heart slowly rippling, a long time can not be scattered. Shallow clear sorrow, into the sky fluttering butterflies, have drifted away. Hand to pick up a piece, half-yellow and half-green leaf roll shrink refused to straighten, as if it is my heart cemented knot, not open, knot wrapped. I should be happy, isn't it? Because I still have you in this world. Dry your tears, let the laughter re-ripple, hide, silk strands of sour. In the gentle whisper of gentle tenderness, dust and dust, static and other life in that bundle of streamer.

The night, I opened the Xuan window, any wisp of breeze brushed the face, I reverse the tears reflected the faint light, see your heart of the ocean. Loneliness, is always a clear thin gauze, need in the Moonlight Flying Snow Moon wind Flower, I open the heart, open heart, pick up the petals of the past, clean my sorrow, melt my melancholy! Cut a colorful neon dress, the last one of the beautiful smile, Yang hand between the fallout, how many amorous feelings between? Fiber refers to the incense, suddenly look back, the wind in the moment, unexpectedly also gentle lingering, dust heart curled curled.

Smiling eyes, like a web full of silk. When the wind is up, someone will see me with tears hanging on my cheek, and who's falling under the wind I dance alone? A wisp of fragrant soul, floating into your earthly, thousand years of waiting, thousand years of loneliness, only for you to dance fleeting, sharing the world prosperous.

"Thousand years lonely, pale all the way smoke dust"

Destiny, you I miss this life, white light flashed from the heart, I am still lonely, still melancholy.

The end of the Earth, dependent, look forward to, sitting alone, acacia thousand years. The night street, only the cold wind has been blowing. Accompanied by these bleak autumn dances under the cold Moon. Cold fingertips across the face, lonely Shadow, in the Sea of love. Miss is like a thick rattan constantly will I spread, helpless, thousands of years of sadness with the wind, Thousand Years of solitude to keep empty city. Mortals because of you, destined to bear the deep love debt.

In the night sky, the air is open in the dust, with the wind wandering. Under the starry sky, still covered with the eyes of nostalgia. Note, at the fingertips of the quiet flow, the crisp sound of the piano instantly broke the silence of space. Instantaneous, there are too many too late in the song to tactfully. Accompanied by the shadow, accompanied by the piano, accompanied by the melody of sadness, with thousands of years of infatuation so that people involuntarily immersed in the nostalgia of the past. Wine make up, a song parting drunk, the past, such as smoke read thousands, this world tears face.

I stroked the gentleness of time, the sacrifice of the love of the missed, choose a wisp of green white Moonlight, around the ring soft. Old face cloth on the vicissitudes of the past. Dear, you still know me? Past lives, such as fireworks, suddenly I was displaced. I want to give you a heart, you can only give me a dream. You know, I am waiting for you thousand years of Fox, only wait for you to ache, past life, afterlife. Not change.

Lying in the boundless quiet night, thoughts and ups and downs in this sleepless nights. How many thoughts, tears cut into the plume, how many tears fall in the dream. Memory of the vine, along the warmth of spring, write full of tender tenderness, in the season reincarnation. Buddha said: Edge poly margin like water, lofty world unseen Sheng Sheng negative. I do not understand, the heart is still firm, unwilling to give up. Faint clear sorrow floating in the eyebrow tip, cold eyes in that piece of light slowly free. For thousands of years, I just want to be the one in his heart.

Red dust rolling, love and hate, flowers blossom fall, fall into the word into injury, like wind, like Frost, like a dream. Fingers, years flow away, looking back, shallow laugh at the horizon. Time, finally did not put that piece of water memory in the wind dry. Everlasting empty wait, still want to dance for you, only for you to the time of the review of the parting, the everlasting is to do nothingness.

Silk breeze Winding on the body, and the wind, pillow with flowers dreaming, dream, light pick a dream of butterfly clothes, wind up flowers, Ningmou instant Fang Hua. Instantaneous, MoU in a shallow tenderness in the finger between the inscrutable, a wisp of Acacia in the eyebrow between clear shallow. Gather parting, too indefinite, worry about a dream. Look at that piece of cloud, heart distant, meaning dim. Filled with dust of the mind, along with the nocturne, leisurely spread to acacia. ren Riyuerusuo, let the vicissitudes, I would be willing to wait for June so, so practice.

The Wind in the Light dance, the moon play a song. The piano is long, the past clear sorrow. Handful an inch of cold moonlight, holding a heap of broken tears, flashy earth, overlapping of light and shadow, pale smoke dust all the way. A dream thousand years, Thousand years lonely, thousand years lonely!

"Thousand Years acacia, drink affair poison No Regrets"

The intoxicating fragrance of the dark, light diffuse night sky, I gently pull up a night wind blowing chaos of long hair, the worry thin into a wisp of soul, the Acacia sent to the eyebrow tip, will pray for the chord in the moon, let that a road scar dip memory fragments, cold eyes, a circle of faint tenderness in the shadows slowly rippling, and resentment of the piano, The Moon under the light dance long sleeves, comb my 3,000 hair, imagine you when I first met the appearance of the museum. Love in the heart diffuse, love in the song, Acacia Fall Dance between.

Tassel-like moonlight dip in the boundless yearning, a long long time, I put the mood into a sea of drifting bottles, away from the Earth, let the fanyong of the waves to give quiet and ups. Youth, still flying in the wind, dust floating in the air, looking for the past lost in the dream. After the ripples of the shattered shadows, they were still like the smoke, and the wind cleared them.

"I am a fox waiting for thousands of years, thousand years wait, thousand years lonely, rolling in the red dust, who planted the love of the tricky, the vast sea of people, who drank the Poison of Love" song over and over again, slowly flowing, lonely, still in the Xinhai end, reincarnation, still in the universe continue, I wait for the millennium is just for you in the continuation of the frontier, You planted the love of the tricky in my blood breeding, I drink the poison of love No regrets.

Buddha said: The past 500 times of retrospect, in exchange for this life pass. I said: The past 500 years of love, in exchange for this life's encounter lingering. Gently a sigh, rolled up the faint dream of a curtain, so. With a gesture of no regrets, I will be enchanting and dance. In the Millennium a dream, the earthly enchanting, only for the pursuit of you, the pain for the June practice thousand years, Enron in the past in the sleep of marriage, a drunken thousand years.

In the river, forget the past, the memories, shuttling in the depths of time. In the hands of the moment, misty all the vicissitudes of the Earth. Because I am the millennium for the June practice of the White Fox, only to find traces of past life, looking for that piece of beautiful past, for June dripping on the rock of a tear, and standing in the vicissitudes of the years, such as the rock-like to wait.

Long night, play all acacia, Cold month bury my heart. Remember at that time, first meet, all tenderness heart species, spring to spring back, whole days spent, I know, you will never return. This sentiment, entangled in this life, into the pen line line verse, word into injury. Vows, burned, thousand years of waiting, thousand years of Acacia, eventually into nothingness, vows, everlasting, eventually all into a void.

Ask the world why things, straight teach people life and death, through how many tears, the number of vows, only for this life together, only for with you at the end of eternity. Thousand years of waiting for the precipitation of the thousand years of lingering, reincarnation in anticipation of the fate of the meeting, once the tenderness, a case of fine-grained CLS. Looking back at the moment, with this present wipe shoulder tears. Cool fragrance, Shallow heart read, the world all kinds of warmth, difficult to do. Standing, the edge of the dream, faintly can see the smile on the side of the lip. The water fragrant clear warm room, winding the worry. Ning will acacia tears blow dry, ren time gaunt beauty, I would rather for you to wait for thousands of years!

Boundless stand, lonely Shadow, Thousand Years a sigh, fiber fingers between the pieces of dust. Ask, who in the dead of Night tears blurred? In the red dust, who planted the love of the tricky? In the boundless sea of people, who drank the poison of love? Where the lights are dim, who sees me dancing alone? Clothes Mei fluttering, clothes Mei fluttering, after dancing I am still a fox. Thousand Years of lonely soul ...

Boundless stand, lonely Shadow, thousand Years a sigh

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