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The spirit of the Internet is sharing. Can we break this conservative phenomenon and allow all users to watch their films and videos freely? In fact, all this is very simple, as long as we have a website license IP address to watch movies. To have a website license IP address, you need to use the proxy server (Please know: How to Use the proxy server ).

  1. Free proxy for free watching movies

Assume that we have logged on to a movie website in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province. This website is restricted only to telecom users in Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province.

Search IP range of a region

First, we need to find the IP address segment of Guangdong Telecom users. Run "xp qq proxy publisher", click "address-IP" on the toolbar, enter Guangdong in the pop-up dialog box, and click "Search, find an IP address segment "" in the region (1) (Quick Start: QQ proxy configuration method ).

Figure 1

  Get proxyServer

To find out the available proxy servers in the IP address segment of the region, you can use the proxy Hunter for search, or use another new proxy search software "searcher Proxyfinder ". After running the software, there are two input boxes "start" and "end" in the "Search IP address segment" on the left. Enter the IP address segment you just found and click "add" on the right, you can add the IP segment to the search list (2 ).

Figure 2

The software supports four types of search Proxy: SOCKS4, SOCKS5, TUNNEL, and HTTP proxy server. Here, we only search for the http Proxy Server. In the "port search" section on the right, enter the port number to be searched as 80 or 8080. Click Add. In the "check options" section of the software interface, there are several default check servers, and corresponding check strings are set. You can directly use the default settings to verify the availability of the searched proxy servers.

In the "thread Settings" section of the interface, set the number of concurrent search threads. To get a fast search speed, you can increase the thread size. Finally, click the start search button in the action section on the interface to quickly search for available proxy servers within the specified IP address range! In the address list window of All proxy servers, click the "check all records" button to check the results in the list to check whether they are available. If the detection result is "good" in the status bar, it indicates that the proxy server can be used.

TIPS: For details about how to use the proxy server, refer to the introduction in

  Proxy configuration

Open IE browser, click "LAN Settings" in the "connection" tab of "Internet Options", and then enter the address and port of the available proxy in the proxy server in the dialog window, check the LAN option (3 ). After the settings are complete, you can log on to a website that cannot be connected, and watch various movies freely (Please know: how to use a switch for the moment )!

Figure 32. Build proxy servers to break through IP address restrictions

The idea of breaking through the IP restrictions is that if we want to watch movies in a region or use IP Address resources in a region, if you cannot find an available proxy server in the IP address segment of the region, you can use an available IP address of the region to create a proxy server on the computer corresponding to the IP address. Attackers can intrude into the establishment of a proxy, or request the other party to establish a proxy server when obtaining the permission of the other party.

You can use CCProxy 6.02 to set up the agent server software and install the CCProxy software on the user's computer in the region. The installation process is very simple and you don't have to say much about it. After running the software, click "set" (4) on the interface to enter the "Settings" window, where you can set the port (5) used by the HTTP proxy and Socks proxy ). Select "HTTP/RTSP", enter the default "808" proxy port, and click "OK" to complete the settings. Return to the settings page and click the "Start" button on the toolbar to start the proxy service. Then the computer becomes a proxy server. That is to say, we have a proxy server available in the region. According to the method described above, set the proxy server connection in IE and log on to the website using IE to watch a movie freely (Please know the principle of CCProxy ).

Figure 4

We only set up an HTTP and RSTP proxy server. If the website requires playing with Windows Media Player, it will still be inaccessible with the same IP address. This is because the video files in Windows Media Player format are transmitted through the MMS protocol, so we have to create an MMS proxy server. The creation method is very simple. You only need to check "SOCKS/MMS 1080" in the setting window just now to create a proxy server that supports the MMS protocol, windows Media Player can also be used to watch videos. Similarly, if you want to download a video, you can set up an FTP server to break through the restrictions for download (you can quickly know how to break through the hardware firewall blocking ).

In addition, to prevent other users from using the proxy server we have created, you can enable the user authentication function of the proxy server. Click the "Account" button on the CCProxy toolbar. In the user Settings dialog box, select "Allowed" in "allowed range". For the authentication type, select "user name and password ", click the "new" button, enter a user name and password, and select the proxy protocol that the user can use and the allocated bandwidth (5 ). After confirming, you can add user verification to ensure the security of the proxy server (quick notice: the wireless proxy sharing method for two laptops ).

Figure 5

With this trick, We can find like-minded friends on the Internet and configure proxy servers for each other so that we can both serve as servers and clients, and both parties can share their respective VOD resources, isn't it so fast!

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