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With the development of computers today, it is no longer the size of the big, limited to the government department to enjoy the big. Today it is small but powerful, stylish and no lack of perfect detail, the most representative product is the notebook computer. The appearance design, the structure material, the keyboard interface and so on have become more and more advanced in the decades time, more and more practical, but the core hardware like the processor and the graphics card has become the world science and Technology competition main battlefield, but AMD is this battlefield one of the protagonist.

In many people's eyes, AMD's graphics card and Apu is definitely the unique characteristics of the brand. Today, the small series with the built-in Radeon R6 Fusion a10-7300 APU and R6 m255dx Independent graphics Lenovo G50-75m to let you feel the two characteristics of AMD.

Simple and unadorned

Although today's protagonist is a10-7300 Apu and R6 m255dx Independent graphics, but we also must not forget the purpose of the evaluation. That purpose is from the perspective of all aspects to introduce products to everyone, so let us start from the appearance of the slowly tasting Lenovo g50-75m this notebook computer.

Lenovo G50-75m Shell

Lenovo G50-75m Shell design can be said to be simple enough, in addition to a corner of the shell "Lenovo" brand logo and no other decoration. This machine chooses 10 type protruding pattern, between bump can add the friction of the machine so that it is not easy to slide.

Lenovo G50-75m Shell Close-up

The machine's sleek brand logo is particularly conspicuous on the shell.

Lenovo G50-75m Bottom

Through the small series of lenses, you can clearly see Lenovo g50-75m of the machine bottom. The first thing you'll be greeted with is the two heat vents, this is an important guarantee of the thermal dissipation of the hardware; Secondly, the removable integral baffle only uses three screws combined with the design of dark buckle, so in the replacement of memory, network card, hard disk and other hardware has become more convenient; Four corners of the plastic cushion to make the machine can be more stable.

Lenovo g50-75m Screen

After reading the shell we will look at Lenovo G50-75m screen, the resolution of the machine screen for the standard 1366x768 HD configuration, 15.6-inch screen is also a normal size, in general, the machine in this respect is still a tradition.

Lenovo g50-75m Screen Corner

Lenovo g50-75m Screen Corner

A total of 4 cushion pads on the left and right two tops of Lenovo g50-75m screens play a protective role in closing the screen. In addition, we can find that the screen of the machine also uses the fog surface technology, which can ensure that in the case of strong light, there is no need to worry about the appearance of the mirror image.

Lenovo G50-75m Camera Close-up

Lenovo G50-75m's camera also chose to use the popular configuration: two microphone receiver hole, a camera and a camera indicator.

Lenovo g50-75m Screen logo

In Lenovo G50-75m's screen is also distributed under a "Lenovo" logo logo, I am afraid needless to say that we can also find that today's notebooks have invariably adopted this design.

Chocolate keyboard Rich interface one does not fall

After introducing the appearance and screen, let's take a look at how Lenovo g50-75m in terms of keyboard and interface.

Lenovo G50-75m Keyboard

As a 15-inch notebook, the keypad is essential. In addition, the machine in the keyboard board surface is still very good, and there is no special features of the place.

Lenovo G50-75m Keyboard Close-up

After zooming in, friends can see that Lenovo G50-75m's keyboard palette is designed with a vertical version of the dark pattern, which can be seen more visibly when light changes. At this point, small knitting still quite like, because this kind of design can appear the whole machine is more grade.

Lenovo G50-75m Keyboard Close-up

Lenovo G50-75m's keyboard also uses the now very popular chocolate-style design, and the key to rebound speed is very fast.

Lenovo G50-75m Keyboard Corner

Lenovo G50-75m Keyboard Corner

Lenovo g50-75m Keyboard panel in the lower left corner of a computer features and the computer model "G50", while in the lower right corner of the distribution of an Energy Star logo and AMD processor logo. Here the small make up also for everyone to do a popular science, the so-called Energy Star is a U.S. government-led, mainly for consumer electronic products, energy conservation program. The Energy STAR program was launched in 1992 by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to reduce energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Lenovo G50-75m Touch Control Board

Lenovo G50-75m is not the same as most of the current notebook using an integrated touch board, but using a separate design. Small make up here or want to give it a bit of praise, because an integrated touch board in the sensitivity is really not flattering ah.

Lenovo G50-75m Right Interface

Lenovo G50-75m Right Interface

We've seen the keyboard. Lenovo g50-75m in the interface of the performance, from the right to look in turn distributed: A computer lock interface, a DVD optical drive, a USB interface, an SD card slot and a headset interface.

Lenovo G50-75m Left interface

Lenovo G50-75m Left interface

The left side of the machine is distributed in turn a power interface, a key restore button, a heat sink, a video transmission interface, a network cable interface, an HDMI interface, two USB interface. Therefore, the machine in the interface is still relatively rich, fully able to meet the day-to-day use of external equipment needs.

Product Performance speak with facts

After seeing the appearance, screen, keyboard, and interface of Lenovo G50-75m, we need to take a closer look at today's protagonist: the AMD processor and graphics card that the machine is equipped with.

Lenovo g50-75m performance on PC Mark

We first looked at Lenovo G50-75m's performance on PC Mark, which ran 2148 points in work conventional mode. Although this is compared to the thousands of or even tens of thousands of dollars in the "tyrants" (for the working class, the money is really not so well-off oh, crying) is not so high, but in the same price notebook has been very good. This is mainly due to the aircraft equipped with AMD A10-7300apu, here also please allow me to the AMD's Apu to introduce.

From the development of Apu, AMD is doing is to make the CPU and the GPU completely integrated. AMD believes that the CPU and GPU integration will be divided into four steps: The first step is the physical integration process, the CPU and the GPU integrated on the same silicon chip, and the use of High-bandwidth internal bus communication, integrated high-performance memory controller, with open software system to facilitate heterogeneous computing. The second step is called platform optimization, the interconnect interface between CPU and GPU is further enhanced, and bidirectional power management is unified, and the GPU also supports the Advanced programming language. The third step is the architecture integration, realize unified CPU/GPU addressing space, GPU use paging system memory, GPU hardware can be scheduled, Cpu/gpu/apu memory coordinated. The fourth step is architecture and system integration, the main features include GPU computing environment switching, GPU graphics priority computing, independent graphics PCI-E coordination, task parallel operation real-time integration and so on.

Lenovo G50-75m on 3D mark.

Lenovo G50-75m 3923 in 3D Mark's Sky Diver model, which, of course, was the result of comparisons at the same price. Because most of the notebook in this price can only run to 7,500 points, the reason it can get such a result is mainly because the aircraft equipped with AMD R6 M255DX Independent graphics, even if R6 M255DX in the AMD graphics card ranking is not too high, but still can achieve a higher level than the price of the machine itself.

Lenovo G50-75m in Master Lu

In fact, from the perspective of evaluation software, PC Mark and LU master the same effect, are based on the overall performance of the machine to give evaluation scores. Lenovo G50-75m scored 103204 points this time, so the conclusions are as high as PC Mark's, and they are no longer in the same category.

Lenovo G50-75m Processor

By looking at the information displayed by the CPU Z software, we can further understand the AMD A10-7300apu that the machine is carrying.

Lenovo G50-75m Graphics card

Lenovo G50-75m Hardware Information

By looking at the above two information tables you can have a very detailed understanding of Lenovo G50-75m's processor and graphics card, and the machine's graphics card for AMD Radeon R6 M255DX, this video card in the AMD Video card series is medium level, but although the medium level but has a relatively strong strength.

How the video card allows the game to verify

Lenovo g50-75m video card exactly how, let the small weave through it in the game of the number of frames in the performance for everyone real verification.

Lenovo G50-75m Single Display

Lenovo G50-75m Single Display

Street Fighter 4 Frame number performance

The fighting game "Street Fighter 4", which is developed by Capcom, has been on sale, which follows the traditional 2D play and uses the latest 3D graphics technology to reproduce the original 2D drawing style in a more gorgeous way. "Street Fighter 4" will be the legendary fighting game series back to the source, using the popular Street Fighter 2 generation of combat movements and skills, and the integration of the Capcom of the latest times technology, will launch a truly very experienced type of fighting games. Let's take a look at Lenovo G50-75m's number of frames on the game, in the fusion of a single display of the machine's average frame number is about 30, get a D-level score, basically to achieve smooth level, and when the small series switch to the independent graphics mode of the average frame can reach about 56, get a B-class score, This number of frames can ensure that the machine in the running of this kind of game is very smooth.

Lenovo G50-75m Single Display

Lenovo G50-75m Single Display

Heroic League frame number representation

"League of Heroes" (LOL) is currently the most popular in the domestic and foreign real-time sports games, the game is developed by the United States Riot Games, Tencent game operation of the Hero games. "League of Heroes" in addition to immediate strategy, team combat, but also has the characteristics of the hero, automatic matching battle network platform, including the talent tree, call Division system, rune and other elements. Lenovo G50-75m in the independent graphics mode, the average frame number is 55, it can be said to be very fluent, and in the fusion of a single display in the mode of the number of frames can still remain at 44, so the picture is still not much change.

Lenovo G50-75m Single Display

Lenovo G50-75m Single Display

Biochemical Crisis 6 Frame number Manifestation

"Biochemical Crisis 6" is a Japanese Capcom company launched the action adventure of the "biochemical Crisis" series of the sixth, the producer for Youko. The game corresponds to PS3, XBOX360 and PC platform, this is the series history of the biggest reform of the work, the same table can control the role as high as 7. The machine in the fusion of a single display of the average frame number of 30 or so, this number of frames to ensure the smoothness of the screen; in the independent video card mode of the machine frame number of 41 or so, this frame number can meet the machine in the running of most games when the screen guarantee.

Lenovo G50-75m Single Display

Lenovo G50-75m Single Display

Call of Duty 11 frame number representation

Call of Duty 11: Advanced Warfare is the 11th Orthodox sequel to the world's best fps shooting game called "Call of Duty" series. The game did not continue before the "modern War" theme, but a leap to the future world, the Golden Statue award-winning actor Kevin Spacey the role of the private group led by the question of the United States government in a century has failed to let the world rooted in "democracy", decided to declare war on Washington, in an attempt to Lenovo G50-75m in the independent graphics mode, the number of frames will probably remain around 44, the screen is very fluent, and in the fusion of the mode of the average number of frames to maintain around 30, such a frame number can also maintain the smoothness of the screen.

Lenovo G50-75m Single Display

Lenovo G50-75m Single Display

Need for Speed 14 frame number performance

"Need for Speed 14: Thermal Tracking" by the Criterion Games Studio is responsible for development, EA company released at the end of 2010, a racing game, but also a new generation of thermal tracking series works. The return to the police wanted mode, allowing players to play global network, will return to the luxury sports car, the game will unlock new sports cars and weapons and equipment, allowing players to use police cars, as well as a new open map. Lenovo G50-75m in the independent graphics mode, the number of frames will probably remain around 45, the screen effect is still very smooth, and in the fusion of the mode of the average frame is about 30, 30 frames per second can also maintain the smoothness of the screen.

Through a series of game tests, we can see that Lenovo g50-75m with AMD R6 M255DX independent graphics, can ensure that most of the game to maintain a very smooth operating level, even if the a10-7300 APU built-in integration of a single display, also got a very good run experience. Even if the "Need for Speed 14" Such a large 3D game, there are very good performance, a medium-priced notebook, in this video card killer game, can get a good game experience, itself is a breakthrough.

AMD Game Ladder Diagram

After a lot of data testing, we finally produced the AMD products can run the smooth running of the hot game ladder chart. We can learn more about the performance of AMD Apu products based on this map information, this Lenovo G50-75m A10 processor can run which games, I believe friends through this map can be more clearly seen.

Editorial summary: From the appearance of Lenovo G50-75m can be said to be plain, minimalist style in line with the current trend; In the keyboard more resilient, the panel is also more concise; In the interface is also richer, and in the processor, AMD A10-7300apu is still relatively strong; Fusion Tan Xian and independent graphics card free switching more in line with the needs of modern notebook computers, in different environments can use more suitable graphics mode, excellent a10-7300 APU and R6 m255dx Independent graphics can definitely make life more smooth and happy. Overall, the AMD series of Lenovo G50-75m is a very suitable for college students and youth white-collar class of the use of notebook computers.

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