Brief discussion on agile management system of Atlassian product building (I.)

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The use of Atlassian products has been more than three years, but most mainly to Jira and confluence mainly, early this year joined a start-up team responsible for the construction of the technical team, from zero start through the deployment of Atlassian products, development process, due to the lack of entrepreneurial team manpower, Self also participated in most of the development work, began to have some ill-considered places, with the work of continuous adjustment, through half a year's efforts also attracted the first round of investment, may founder of state-owned enterprises, non-technical background of the relationship, in the value of the technical team of the differences in the view of the difference is very big, and finally chose to Chance coincidence, and immediately joined another entrepreneurial team, is still mainly responsible for the construction of the technical team. This time I learned some of the experiences we had before and added some other ideas. The following mainly on the two experience, a brief talk about the use of Atlassian experience, there may be many problems exist, but also please Daniel pointing!

The Atlassian products we use today
    • JIRA: Used for project management, Process Control, defect tracking, version management, etc.

    • JIRA Agile:jira plug-ins, mainly used for scrum agile management

    • Confluence: Team collaboration tools, document management, task management, resource management

    • Fisheye + Crucible: For code review

    • Bamboo: A test environment for building continuous delivery

    • Hipchat: For team communication, focusing on real-time reminders that can integrate Jira and confluence

Other tools
    • SVN: Code Version Library

    • Nexus: Private maven warehouse, fast download jar package via VPN (we all know about the celestial network)

Product Installation

Installation process is relatively simple, here does not add, mainly said some points may be noted (if you have questions in the installation, welcome message exchange):
1. Because the user is not many, here does not use crowd to do the unified user management, all users use the Jira user management, therefore installs the Jira first, then installs the other product, and configures the user management to the Jira server.
2. The default installation package does not contain the MySQL driver, you need to copy to the Lib directory, and restart the service
3. Bamboo installs a single server as a test server for continuous delivery. (The allocation of the specific deployment machine depends on the specific configuration and resource usage)

Product use

We use Scrum's agile management model to achieve fast iteration results. The following describes how the product is used throughout the software process from the beginning of the product design to the development and testing process.

Preparatory work
Create project in Jira, manage one product per project
Modify the process and add code review steps
create a corresponding team Space in confluence
SVN to create the project repository and configure the library in Fisheye
install maven, Java, Tomcat, Nodejs and other required product operating environments on the bamboo machine, and configure MAVEN's warehouse path to our Nexus server location
Configure email Reminders for Jira, confluence, and more as needed
Product Design (confluence)
product Manager in confluence to complete all product design, write product requirements documents, each product requirements document for one epic, multiple story (new confluence support in confluence directly create Jira issue, very convenient)
to meet the expectations of a fast iteration, each epic's development test cycle is controlled as much as 1 months, with the specific execution of 2-4 sprints completed.
Attach product Design prototypes
Meeting Minutes (Confluence)
after the product design is completed, it needs to be revised and finalized by several iterations, and all meeting contents need to be recorded and converted
Create a meeting page before each meeting, assign participants and write a meeting discussion, and send a mailtips to participants as long as they are configured with a confluence email reminder.
follow-up tasks for meeting discussion results or conversions are recorded in real time during the meeting, and the task's executor and deadline are set to track task status
Development estimates (JIRA + JIRA Agile)
after the product design, the development manager in Jira Agile in the epic contains the story of the story point evaluation, there is a need to split the task to create Sub-task and assign the specific executor.
synchronization for UI design and physical design
Sprint Development (JIRA + JIRA Agile)
after the development estimate is complete, start the execution stage sprint (we take a 1-2-week sprint) and assign it according to the assessment.
after each sprint, you need to create a sprint review document that analyzes the good parts of the sprint and the parts that are not enough to guide the criteria specified in the next sprint
Continuous delivery (Fisheye + crucible + Bamboo)
After the sprint is developed, the developer
's code is submitted to the development phase, and crucible is completed by the review
Bamboo Build strategy is built on a timed build, we set it up at 12 o'clock in the evening, check out code from SVN, run unit tests, package, deploy to Tomcat automatically, and send build reports to project members, The next day the product manager and the tester can test the completed task through the test environment and, if the problem is found, enter Jira to create the bug, and the next iteration will be corrected
Product Purchase Channel

Purchase via CSDN:, entry version for 99¥
Purchase via Atlassian website:, entry version for 10$
In contrast, the official website is cheaper, the first time in the Csdn purchase, later found the latter, the second time the construction of some products in the official website to buy, the difference is not small, we consider it.


This article mainly describes the various products in our current team's process management play a role, may really use when the reader will have a lot of questions and puzzled about the place, welcome message exchange, follow-up time for each product to write some experience to share. For example: Bamboo's Chinese literature has been very small and may have some confusion about initial use.

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Brief discussion on agile management system of Atlassian product building (I.)

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