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Broadband access to the network that is, users can directly connect to the Internet on a broadband network, can also extend the Internet platform to the community (or hotels), that is, combined with the needs of the region and the characteristics of the Internet access and application platform in the user's relatively concentrated community, Achieve broadband network access and multi-service application localization for most users. The establishment of Internet access and Information service network in the community, the development of community services can be called the "broadband multi-Service Application platform" to achieve Community broadband network-Home LAN for the integrated system platform. As a growing international metropolis, the speed of urban modernization construction has brought new opportunities and challenges to Beijing Telecom-providing broadband services and seizing the market.
With high-speed and multimedia technology to achieve the localization of Internet services, that is, in residential areas to set up a multi-service application platform, so that users network broadband access, high-speed Internet access, the user access to multimedia information greatly increased, to achieve high-speed Internet access and save costs; In addition to the traditional Internet Service (send and receive email, FTP, www browsing, online chatting, playing games, etc., but also can carry out value-added services such as VOD video-on-demand business, narrow band with multimedia information Services (online education and training, online medical, IP video conferencing, the resource sharing between different places), the community information inquiries, E-commerce, Advertising and other services, improve the community's service level, and finally set up an intelligent community.
Broadband access to the user network has changed the problem of low rates in most users with telephone dialing (narrowband access) or general line networking.
First, the user network broadband access technology:
In order to achieve the user's broadband access, users can use ADSL/VDSL device access, LAN access, HFC access and other access modes, its main features:
ADSL Access equipment can increase the downlink transmission rate of telephone line to 6-8mbps;
The VDSL access device can increase the transmission speed of the telephone line to 20Mbps.
LAN (LAN) Access: User Desktop rate is generally 10/100mbps;
HFC access: Need to have the two-way communication of CATV network (single need to transform to bidirectional), need to buy cmts, need to take noise restrain measure according to actual situation, need debugging more analog equipment, and CMTS limit the increase of user's bandwidth, that is, when the bandwidth is high, the equipment cost is high, Therefore, the implementation of a more difficult way.
Second, the user network broadband access mode:
1. LAN Access
For the existing integrated wiring of the user that is new, modified buildings, the user LAN way to connect to the area of the Access node (users can 10m/100m to the desktop), but also to establish a number of business application service platform; the node or platform is in a special line mode (NX2MB/S, 10/100m, 155Mbps speed) Access to the Internet, in the future to solve the user access authentication, authorization, billing, network management and security issues.
2. ADSL Access
At present, most of the old residential areas without integrated wiring, use of the user's existing ordinary telephone line (do not change existing user facilities) using ADSL access: The user telephone line via ADSL modem connected to the area of the DSLAM equipment, this way investment may be larger, but simple operation, Xiang see below v introduction.
Third, broadband access, application services, the main business functions:
1, broadband access, high-speed Internet access: the internal users of the community through the integrated wiring or ADSL/VDSL modem to make up the internal high-speed access network, the network uses private IP (or legal IP) address, the internal network through the gateway to the direct line directly connected to the Internet, the gateway to achieve the internal IP address conversion , the user can access the Internet at high speed, and for the narrow bandwidth of connecting to the large network (such as NX2MB/S), a cache server is added to the system to quickly browse the external WWW server, saving network bandwidth and Internet cost (proxy settings for HTTP requests on the client).
2, "Broadband multi-Service Application platform": For the community, the establishment of community-oriented services for the "Broadband multi-Service Application platform", the main content provided by the traditional Internet services and value-added services two parts. Traditional Internet services include WWW, ICQ (online chat), Email, FTP and some of the current integrated web site popular services; value-added services include community information, community education such as online books and online training, community entertainment such as online music and online video-on-demand, community services such as online stores, Maintenance services and cinemas to cater for the daily life of the residents.
3, for some high-end community can be built into a smart community:
Smart community and broadband community, the smart community is in the broadband Community network based on the further development of the smart community through the home LAN to form a digital home platform, so that the community intranet, security, property management, communications, video services to a multiple network unified to a platform, so that users in the future information society, Through the mobile phone can control digital home appliances (air-conditioning, television, microwave ovens and other home appliances online); VOD, Community Club reservation, water, electricity, gas three copy, inquiries and fees collection, in the community of public facilities such as hydropower room, car park, such as remote video surveillance management, network of closed-circuit monitoring, perimeter prevention, door tight control, Visual intercom and entrance and security patrol, community entrance LED display to publish a variety of information, in the community's website to carry out electronic bulletin, online shopping, online education, telemedicine consulting and many other network services, in the solution of the user community culture while addressing the electronic home life.
4. Hotel Value-added Services:
Through the WWW and other servers to provide a variety of value-added services: advertising, information inquiries
Hotel TV Shopping
The Internet of hotel accounting online, user's internet cost management system and hotel settlement system
Important site video real-time monitoring browsing, etc.
5, VOD services: Through the VOD server can be shared resources, such as in the film and television system to achieve entertainment programs on demand, online training, online advertising, which is most suitable for the community or in the hotel to carry out.
6, online Point-point, a point to the multi-point ip-based cost-effective video conferencing, interactive multicast:
Agreement: H.323 or H.263,
Rate: 64K-1.5MB/S, when the network congestion automatically adjust the rate, improve service quality.
7, Pc-web Telephone and other new multimedia services.
Five Performance and operating environment of ADSL equipment:
1. The basic performance of ADSL:
Asymmetrical Digital subscriber Line (ADSL) on twisted pair, it is a digital subscriber line system with discrete multi-frequency tone (DMT) line code, which can reach up/down: 640k/6mbps, transmission distance 〈3-6km, ADSL asymmetric, The entire system can support two types of business: Ordinary telephone Service (POTS) and high-speed Internet access. Its asymmetry is tailored to the characteristics of the Internet, and for the general Enterprise and home users of Internet users, the downlink data is much greater than the amount of uplink data, that is, to obtain data from the Internet rather than output data, So ADSL is especially suitable for this type of users and the Internet bandwidth requirements are not very high enterprise users. Can carry out the business in addition to high-speed access to the Internet, but also for video program on Demand (VOD), distance teaching, videophone, etc., but the ADSL cost is high, users need to use separator, more easily extended to small enterprises connected to the network, it is mainly used for users without integrated wiring.
2. Introduction to the application environment of ADSL equipment:
A, ADSL connection multiplexing Equipment (DSLAM) on the local telephone station, the general DSLAM equipment by the telecommunications operating departments to invest, users can buy or rent their ADSL MODEM, telecom at different bandwidth to charge users a fixed fee:
Dslam to 155MB/S (ATM interface) with the public ATM network connection, the user installed ADSL modem (the modem with PC and telephone connection), through analog phone line to connect to Dslam, and through the ATM network to the PVC way to connect to the Chinanet and ATM network of broadband business application platform, users do not affect the Internet while the telephone service (DSLAM voice separator to send voice signals to the telephone switch), for different applications can have different billing methods.
Dslam equipment can also be 10/100mbps (LAN interface) with the Beijing Telecom public IP network connection, ADSL users can directly access the Internet.
B, ADSL multiplexing equipment (DSLAM) placed in the district telephone switching module wiring between:
The user's network access and application platform is connected with the Internet in a dedicated way, which reduces the cost of high-speed Internet access (connected to chinanet Beijing 163/169 Network), which is generally not invested by the telecom Operation department.
Users use existing telephone lines via ADSL modem to connect to the area of the DSLAM equipment, the Dslam to the LAN 100M interface and platform switch connection, the platform with VOD, WWW server and cache, the user directly on-demand VOD application, Save on the bandwidth of the line and the cost of users ' Internet.
Dslam equipment is generally placed in the cell phone module of the vicinity of the wiring frame, the voice signal was dslam separated by the wiring frame to the telephone switch, the data signal via a dedicated line to the Internet network.
Six, n buildings in a comprehensive wiring environment of the network connectivity and multiple business platform examples:
Realize the user 10M to the desktop, 100M into the building, the core layer (between the building) Gigabit exchange;
Integrated wiring: Including: horizontal and vertical wiring-cables and wiring racks; Under normal circumstances, a family into a Super 5 line (8 core) to provide 3 information points: 4 core Do data, 4 core do two telephone;
Cable for building to Central machine room: generally multi-film (less than 2KM)
Network equipment: User access to switch and building switch (with two, three-layer switching function, have a light port, can be network management), core switches, routers, firewalls and so on.
Application server: WWW, EMAIL, VOD and other applications, the following introduction VOD performance Price:
1, VOD server and video library: According to the number of concurrent users, the host requires Unix
Operating system, Informix database, requires high reliability, CPU processing capacity, system I/O throughput ability. The system is configured according to requirements, such as:
A, the number of concurrent users: Mpegi (VCD)/mpegii for 100/50;
Stored video programs: Mpegi/mpegii 80/40-hour program, 1000M network card
Equipment: SUN U60 Dual CPU (450MHZ), 50G hard drive, 1GB memory
The cost of hardware equipment is about 370,000 RMB
B, concurrent number of users: Mpegi/mpegii is 50/25;
Stored video program: Mpegi/mpegii 40/20-hour program;
Equipment: SUN U60 Single CPU (450MHZ), 36G hard drive, 1GB memory
The cost of hardware equipment is about 230,000 RMB
C, the number of concurrent users: Mpegi/mpegii is 30/15,
Stored video programs: mpegi/mpegii for 20/10-hour programs,
Equipment: SUN U10 CPU (450MHZ), 18G hard drive, 512MB memory
The cost of hardware equipment is about 100,000 RMB
2. VOD system platform Software: VOD concurrent flow Port software, Informix database, application software, WEB Server software, billing software (can be billed according to the number of users on-demand program, also can be played according to the user's length of time billing), user management software, The software is based on the above different configuration and flow number respectively:
A: 250,000 yuan; b: 180,000 Yuan; c: 100,000 Yuan
3, the user-side digital set-top box (microcomputer-type), users can also use PC-point VOD (VCD) programs without the set-top box.

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