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When you suddenly not on the net, what will you do, you may check whether the router is normal, enter the router access address such as, you can log on to the success of the router can confirm that there is no problem. And when you find that the icon in the lower right corner of the desktop turns gray, the X-state, you need to check the interface is good. When checking the cat interface, you need to pay attention to a place that is the cat's indicator light! You may find that the original broadband ADSL cat's LED is not lit.

This article will be on the broadband ADSL cat link light does not light/data light/act lights do not light, such as the collection of issues.

  ADSL Cat LED Description

ADSL Cat indicator is an important tool to judge ADSL faults. Different brands of different models of cat led numbers vary. But they all have link lights, LAN lights and power lights.

  Link Light Status Description

Link lamp for the cat and the local Dslam device connection indicator, usually link lights have a rhythm flashing, indicating ADSL data link is trying to sync, at this time the link is not connected. Under normal circumstances, ADSL cat after a minute of synchronization process, after the success of the link lights often bright, some brand model cat link lamp has the role of the data transceiver led, will be flashing with data transmission.

In the Internet, if the link lamp has a rhythm flashing, indicating that ADSL is not synchronized, then the network is in a state of interruption, in most cases, there is a line failure. If the normal situation can pass the speed test to test their own broadband Internet network situation.

  LAN Light Status Description

LAN lamp for the cat with the computer or LAN device connection led, in the computer or LAN equipment has been on the electricity, and the normal conditions for the illuminated steady, the partial brand cat LAN lights with the CAT network data transceiver LED role, will be flashing with data transmission. Different brand models of cat to the LAN lamp identification method may be different, Huawei Cat logo for LAN, lan,ut-Cat logo for the Pc,d-link logo for the Ethernet, Alcatel identified as a operated symbol. After the computer or network equipment on the electricity, this lantern light, if not bright, indicating that the network cable is not plugged in or the network cable has broken.

  Data Transmission Light Status description

TX Lamp for sending data indicator, RX for receive data indicator, normal communication, two lights will be with data transmission flashing. Different brand models of the cat on the data transmission indicators may be different methods, some will be identified as data, and some with the link lamp or LAN light reuse. The Alcatel cat has no such indicator. When surfing the Internet, if the data indicator is not flashing and the network is not, it is possible that the ADSL cat panic or failure, you can try to turn off the power switch, in 10 seconds to reopen.

  What is the reason for the broadband ADSL cat link Light not bright

Answer one: The link lamp is a sync lamp, this indicator indicates the connection of the line. Link lights will soon grow after the boot, if the link light has been flashing, indicating that the line signal is not good or the line has problems. Check the junction box or Crystal head is intact; ADSL near whether there is a wireless communication equipment (such as mobile phone), telephone lines are damaged, such as no problem in the home, you can ask the line maintenance staff to check whether the outdoor lines have problems. In the confirmation line is not a problem, the link lights can not be long bright, it is possible that ADSL and service provider of the central switch is incompatible with the proposed replacement of different models or different brands of ADSL.

Solution Two: Separator interface is it possible to cause the ADSL link lamp to not light if there is a separator interface wrong.

Answer three: As long as the link lights flashing or simply do not light, it means that the signal to your home. It could be the wiring or the engine room port or your cat is bad. There is little chance of settling on your own. Recommend repair.

  Broadband ADSL cat data light is not bright what is the reason

Answer one: Power light? The link lamp is the line light, this light must be long bright only then can the normal Internet. Data is the light, usually flashing, when the volume of data received transmission is very large (such as the Thunderbolt download movie), it will also grow bright. The act lamp is the LED that is connected to the network card.

Answer two: You see this hot summer, the temperature is very high, do not you feel hot? Equipment (equipment refers to: cats, routers, network switches, Hubble, computer, etc.) also feel hot and not work Ah, you may wish to use the following methods, you feel acceptable measures to reduce the temperature of the equipment operating environment.

A: Users who often surf the internet for up to six months, to power off the shell of the device to open, clean up the dust inside the equipment

B: Placing the equipment in a safer place for people, opening the lid of the equipment, using air convection to strengthen the contact surface with the air, natural heat dissipation;

C: To install micro-fan equipment, increase the convection of the air, for forced cooling;

D: If you are doing it, I suggest you: after disconnecting the power supply, the heating parts of the equipment are fitted with heat sinks.

E: After disconnecting the power, use 3 mm drill to drill a lot of holes in the equipment, strengthen the air flow, improve the heat dissipation conditions;

F: The equipment as for ventilated dry place, it is best to do an insulating bracket, the equipment to support the natural heat dissipation;

G: In time to clean up the garbage debris generated by the Internet, regularly organize the operation of C disk, you can properly improve the speed of operation.

H: First let the ADSL cat sync: The Cat power off after the reboot.

I: Turn off all unnecessary network connections, such as Thunder BT Donkey, etc.

J: Optimize the network personal recommendation use some gadgets like Super bunny etc. as long as you do the above several aspects of the work, your fault will be eliminated.

  Broadband ADSL Cat Act light is not bright what is the reason

Answer: Link is the line lamp, the normal state should be flashing first, a few seconds after the long light, on behalf of your computer room data service port normal connection. has been flashing or not bright is not normal, according to your description, voice normal, should be the engine room data service port out of the problem, or the computer room to your home broadband business line dismantled, this you can not solve their own, only to call customer service. Telecom 10000, Netcom 10060, Tietong 10050.

Act is a state lamp, which will flicker when there is data transfer. You are not connected to the net, there is no data transmission, of course, it is not lit.


The speed and the cat is related, when you check the cat, you need to pay attention to these indicators. The problems of these lamps are basically as described in the article, and the solution is also more comprehensive, when you encounter the broadband ADSL cat link Light/data light does not light/act light, and so on, reference to the article under the answer, basic can solve the problem.

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