Brocade Campus Network has SDN backing

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In the campus network market, the brocade company, whether it is a foreign Cisco, or the domestic H3C is not to be underestimated opponents. And the campus network is a new business growth point that brocade cannot abandon. How can we stand out from the market of strong competitors? "We have to do products that no one else has," said Yuzhanyun, a technology manager at Bo Ke's China area. Only by realizing the differentiation of product function, can we take a foothold in the network market of the campus. ”

Yuzhanyun's differentiation is reflected in the products that Brocade's brocade Hyperedge architecture-based Brocade ICX series stackable switches for the campus network market. Recently, Brocade announced the expansion of its campus network solution, the main push of new products including the use of new distributed chassis technology and the extensible Hyperedge Architecture of the brocade icx 7750 switch, and the latest for the network edge to bring more flexibility and scalability of the brocade icx 7450 switch.

The Brocade ICX 7750 offers 10/40 Gbe port density and high availability on a fixed platform, combined with distributed architecture, eliminating the need for expensive and rigid chassis solutions. It provides a scale-out architecture that enables up to 12 brocade ICX 7750 switches to be stacked in a more flexible topology across the campus for network aggregation and core tiers.

The product provides a unified management touch Point and supports SDN for network configuration automation, and its operating costs can be reduced by 75% compared to traditional campus networks.

To comply with the trend of network market development, Brocade has already put forward a clear strategy--based on the Hyperedge architecture to achieve "worry-free network", the purpose is to ensure that open, standard network regardless of the present and the future can be run without worry, Brocade will strive to achieve task automation, reduce operating costs, Ensure the scalability of new applications and services.

The traditional three-layer network architecture has many problems, such as high management cost, fragmentation of service and difficulty of expansion, and the Brocade Hyperedge architecture mainly solves these problems in traditional network architecture, which can realize the management of network integration through the integrated two-layer architecture and Brocade's unique hybrid stacking mode network solution. Service sharing and scale-out.

Yuzhanyun the strategic focus of Brocade Campus network to the following three points: scalable, scale-out network, simplify network configuration complexity, avoid over-provisioning to better reduce costs; open, support open, multi-vendor network through SDN (software Defined network), accelerate network deployment, eliminate single point of management; Automate and integrate partner wireless networking technologies to provide wired and wireless integrated solutions for fast-growing mobile access needs.

Turning to the new changes in campus network applications, Yuzhanyun said that due to the large number of mobile access requirements, the traditional network in the network access can only be used in a manual configuration, inefficient and inflexible. And brocade relies on the advantages of SDN, can realize the automation of network access, greatly improve the work efficiency. In addition, Brocade has made improvements to prevent DDoS attacks, enabling network devices to be linked to security devices. "With SDN, many functions can be done on the controller, and the flexibility and adaptability of the network are greatly enhanced." In addition, the Controller for SDN also has a number of supporting development software to facilitate users to develop their own two times. "Yuzhanyun said.

Brocade has been at the forefront of the industry in SDN and NFV (Network function Virtualization). Without the burden of history, Brocade has been very firm on the road to the software network. Brocade always adheres to an open strategy and fully supports open source technologies such as OpenStack, Opendaylight, OpenFlow. Today, Brocade brings open, open-source technologies that have been validated in the data center, WAN, and other areas into the campus network market, gaining the recognition of customers and partners as well as their core competitive advantage.

"In fact, users are not concerned about what advanced technologies are used by vendors, SDN or NFV. The user is only concerned about one thing, is the manufacturer's technology and products can solve the problems encountered in the business. As a result, in addition to continuing the benefits of SDN in the campus network market, Brocade focuses on providing more application services on an SDN basis. Yuzhanyun said to reporters. According to reporters, the Brocade Beijing Research and Development Center will be officially launched in December this year, when Brocade developers can tailor the development to the specific needs of Chinese users, which is beneficial to the development of Brocade SDN and campus Network Solutions in China.

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Brocade Campus Network has SDN backing

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