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I configured a bug tracking system for the company, found the bugtracker. net, read it, and translated the configuration method. I will share my research experiences later.

If you need a friend can go to the following URL to download http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php? Group_id = 66812

The home page of bugtracker. NET is http://ifdefined.com/bugtrackernet.html. If you want to study the source code, just go back to the study.


You need to install IIS and ASP. net2.0. At the same time, SQL Server must also run, and SQL Express can also

The following are the main steps:

1. decompress the ZIP file to a directory.

2. Create an IIS virtual directory and point it to the folder just now. Please refer to the following link for more information: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/172.168.

3. edit the file welcoming and change the following settings according to different sections.

Logfilefolder points to the log folder

Absoluteurlprefix: Home Page

4. Create a database. The database name depends on your preferences. If you do not have SQL Server Management studio express to create a database. You can use the bugtracker. net

Web pages to replace this job. First, set connectionstring in Web. config to point to the master database, and open the website to the home page. Select setup database tables join and click Create Database.

5. Modify connectionstring in Web. config to point to your new data

6. Open the web browser to the virtual directory of the site, and log in with the user admin (the password is admin) (if the default page is not default. aspx, please specify the hosts page in IIS)

The system will prompt you to run Setup. SQL to create a table. You can also run this script in SQL Enterprise Manager.

7. Read the following warning carefully.

Warning if you plan to use bugtracking. Net on a public server as your bug tracking management system, you should do the following after the installation and configuration is complete:

1. Change the admin account password

2. Delete the following file: Query. aspx install. aspx

Now, you can start creating a bug by clicking Add a bug. please take some time to read this document and read the web. config: You can use bugtracker. net.


If you want to back up bugtracker. NET data, back up the following files:

1. SQL Server database

2. The uploadfolder specified in Web. config.

3. Your custom configuration file

A) web. config

B) btnet_service.exe.config

C) btnet_custom.css, btnet_edit_bug.css, btnet_search.css


Another articleArticle, The Chinese method: The Chinese Operation Method

Previously, the company recommended bugtracker.net (Error Tracking Management) in the project team.★Open Source★Until now they are still using it). Recently, they need to track and manage Errors for a website project, and naturally think of it again. Download the latest version 2.1.4 () online ).

Because you need to deploy it on a public web server so that common users can use the bugtracker to report errors, you must normalize it and adjust its default security policy.


Bugtracker.net is an open-source project written in C # Based on ASP.net. It is a simple and easy-to-use Error Tracking Management Software.



Decompress all the downloaded compressed files to a folder (for example, "E: \ bugtracker ").
Create a database (such as "bugtracker"), and then open "SQL query analyzer" to download "setup. SQL" in the compressed file.
Open "IIS Information Service Manager" and create a virtual directory (for example, "bugtracker") under "default website", and correspond to your physical directory (for example, "E: \ bugtracker "). Add "default. aspx" to the default file list.
Open your browser and enter "http: //" in the address bar. Use the default system administrator (Admin) account to log on.



Bugtracker ProjectSource codeIt is mixed with page labels without using codebehind, just like returning to the ASP era. So you must never look around like meCodeFile, I thought it didn't provide source code. Frankly speaking, the design and code implementation of this project are not very good (it seems that foreigners are not all strong people), and Asp.net forums (Chinese version) is far from beautiful, of course, it may also be because the complexity of the two projects varies greatly, resulting in different design ideas.

The resource document is not used in this project. Various text/Link resources are hard-coded in the ASPX page files, so we must open the relevant aspx files one by one, find the displayed English content, change one to Chinese, and save it. Because the code is mixed, this step can be omitted ("visible ").

This project contains two pages that may cause security risks:

Query. the ASPX page is used to directly run SQL statements, which may cause serious security risks. In particular, to deploy the project on a public server, you must delete the page file, otherwise, malicious users can execute dangerous SQL commands !!!
The view_web_config.aspx page allows you to view web. config content, which is really bad. Because the database connection strings are directly stored in the web. config file without encryption, if you have not deleted the page, what are the consequences ?!
In this Chinese version, I changed some options in the configuration file to more secure settings. The Web. config configuration file is changed to the UTF-8 encoding method to support Chinese. In addition, the "uploadfolder" and "logfilefolder" keys in the configuration file must specify absolute physical paths rather than virtual paths. Therefore, if you want to deploy the project to a public server, you may need to write a test page to obtain the physical path corresponding to your current virtual directory (for example, [C #]: response. write (server. mappath (". ");), and then update the physical path to the key value in the configuration file.
After a period of testing and running, it is found that the log file is growing rapidly, the web. set the Enable logging option (logenabled = "0") in the config configuration file to disabled.




Download bugtracker. Net 2.1.4 (Chinese version ):

Http://www.zongsoft.com/Download/BugTracker (2.1.4425cn.rar
Http://www.totogogo.com/Zongsoft/Download/BugTracker (2.1.4425cn.rar

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