Build EJB 3 with GlassFish v2, Apache Maven 2, and NetBeans IDE 6.0

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Software Requirements

To create an EJB 3.0 application build environment, you need to use the following items:

GlassFish v2 b58d

NetBeans IDE 6.0 Nightly from 03.09.2007

Apache Maven 2.0.7

Mevenide2-netbeans plug-ins (NetBeans, MAVEN2 project support)

Assume that the above software is fully installed and functioning properly. The software installation method is to extract the files into the selected directory.

To install the NetBeans MAVEN2 Project Support plug-in, you need to start NetBeans IDE 6.0. Next, select the Tools > Plugins menu, select the Available Plugins tab from the dialog box that appears, and select the plugin.

The complete project can be obtained from

Create a project structure

2.1 Creating a parent project--ejb3-remove-stateless

To make the project that the Apache Maven 2 (hereafter called m2) run more rational, we first create a parent project (the main project). Create a pom-type project that contains two subprojects--EJB bean modules and remote client modules.

We can also create the project manually-either by using the MVN command, or by using the NetBeans MAVEN2 Project Support plug-in. Using Plug-ins simplifies the environment creation process and makes it easier to use M2. With Plug-ins, we are able to perform most of the management functions at the IDE level. Currently, these functions are performed through the command line.

Suppose the NetBeans Maven2 Project support plug-in is installed properly, select the File > New Project menu, and then select Maven Project in the MAVEN category.

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