Building the cloud information security barrier DAYHR certified by Symantec SSL

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Recently, the SaaS Pioneer Enterprise Network's core product DAYHR Cloud platform has received Symantec's Symantec EV SSL Digital Certified security certificate from the global security industry leader. The purpose of this certificate is to protect the information security of users in the process of network transmission from the aspects of information encryption, data transmission and user authentication. It is reported that in the SSL certificate market, Symantec has an absolute leading position worldwide, 93% of the world's top 500 companies, 100 of the world's largest banks, 97% of the company, 47 of the world's 50 largest e-commerce sites have selected Symantec's SSL certificates as a barrier to security.

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As the largest cloud application platform in the Domestic HR field, DAYHR currently has over 2 million registered users, including nearly 8,000 enterprises of state-owned, private and listed companies. At present, the number of users active on the platform is more than 300,000 per month, with a monthly visit of over 1 million visitors.

argued network research and development Director Xiahuijun Introduction, strengthen the security of DAYHR cloud platform, has always been the strategy of the Network product strategic measures, in order to ensure user information security, the network has been spared no effort in the DAYHR cloud Platform data security investment, not only to build a "physical level, network level, application level" Trinity's security system, but also actively seek to cooperate with the international top security service institutions, from the source code design, data encryption, security certification and other aspects of innovative research to ensure that users enjoy world-class security management norms and services! This collaboration with Symantec is heavily linked to data encryption and privacy protection, Symantec SSL Certificates help users to log in and transfer the process of encryption management, but also play a role in defending against threats, prevent information loss, because of the authority and versatility of the certificate, but also help us to establish and maintain trust with users, to attract more users to enter and use our DAYHR cloud platform.

After certification, careful users will find that now landing dayhr Cloud Platform, the address bar at the top of the browser will turn green and show the user the name of the company operating the website "Shenzhen Network Information Technology Co., Ltd.", but also in the address bar to see the browser when the activation of the security flag display "lock", This green bar and logo not only indicates that the site has been verified by the International Security Authority "Symantec", the user can rest assured that the use of credentials, but also means that the user's browser and the network of servers to establish a secure and fast encryption channel, to provide users with the highest degree of network security.

Meanwhile, Lu Ying, co-founder and managing director of the network, said: "User growth from 300,000 to 2 million, we only spent half a year, with the formation of the million user base and the spread of word-of-mouth fission, there will be more and more users in the future to choose and use the DAYHR cloud Platform, We hope not only to provide them with an efficient, convenient, intelligent HR cloud services, but also to ensure a secure, reliable, worry-free platform environment, so that users enjoy the full enjoyment of cloud management. The introduction of the world's most advanced security encryption technology, using and through Symantec's SSL digital Security certification, we provide a full range of security services, an important link. ”

Industry experts believe that the network through Symantec's security certification, is not only the platform within its 2 million registered users to enjoy world-class security compliance commitments, but also the international authority on the DAYHR Cloud Platform security recognition. This not only provides important help for the internationalization of DAYHR, but also improves the confidence and acceptance of the industry users to the cloud security, and directly promotes the development of enterprise Application Cloud (Internet).

Create cloud Information Security barrier DAYHR certified by Symantec SSL

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