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1, print invitations.

If it is not a hand-written invitation, each invitation only has a different name, open the document to fill in, waste a lot of effort.

2, the company mail.

Only the beginning of the recipient and part of the information is different, you will be a Feng Yi to send the change?

3. Transcripts and Payroll

For each student or employee to distribute transcripts and payroll, only a general form, how to make a formal report card to the students?

Below take the report card as an example, teaches everybody how batch output report card.

1. You want to prepare two documents, one is all the students ' results form (score sheet. xls), one is the final report form of the document template (report card template. doc).

2. Open Transcripts template. doc, click on the "References" tab and select "Mail", where the Mail Merge tab appears.

3. Click "Open Data Source" and select "score sheet. xls" To select the worksheet on which the data resides. (to close the score sheet first. xls

4. Position the cursor in the template's Learning Number column, click "Insert Merge Field", select the corresponding "School number" column in the table, and then click "Insert". Click "Cancel" to close the window, the location of the cursor will appear << number >> words.

5. Click "View merged Data", you can see the effect after the merge, the Name column appears the student study number. Click "Next" to see the names of different students. Click "View merged Data" again to view the field codes.

6. According to the above method, the name, each section scores are inserted into the corresponding position. And then look at the merge effect.

Output and print

Finally, if you want to generate a document for each student, click "Merge to different new document"

If you want to generate a document where each page is a transcript of a different student, click "Merge to New document"

If you want to print it directly, click "Merge to Printer"

If you want to send a message directly to each student, you can do so.

1. A list of "Student mailboxes" is added to the score sheet. xls to fill in each student's mailbox.

2. Click on "to", tick the student email to be sent inside.

3. The computer configures the Outlook mail client,

4. Click "Merge to E-mail" to send *

GIF operation diagram:

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