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We usually use word, sometimes because of copying some text to produce a lot of carriage returns, or copied from the Web page in Word will bring a large number of line breaks, then how to bulk remove it, the following method immediately tell you!

There are two types of return characters in Word:

A return character for word, a carriage return that is generated for a network file, called a line feed.

The cleanup method is as follows:

1, edit--> replace--> replace--> advanced--> Special character--> Select paragraph mark--> click Replace All. Ok!

Or: Edit--> replace--> enter ^p in the lookup content and replace it with nothing to lose.

2, see those who are not return, generally speaking, the page is a line break.

Edit--> Replace--> replace--> advanced--> special characters--> Select manual line breaks--> click Replace All. Ok!

Or: Edit--> replace--> enter ^l in the lookup content and replace it with nothing to lose.

Of course, here you can also replace the manual line break with a paragraph marker, which becomes the standard paragraph mark format in Word.

Copy to Word is not the same as usual, can be copied to word after the basic line appears a carriage return, think of a replacement for each of the When?


Edit--> Replace--> enter ^L^L in the lookup (here are two manual line breaks), then replace with the input ^l (this is a), and then replace all the points, ok!

Note: Here, regardless of the two paragraphs between a few line breaks, as long as the replacement of two to one, then the final result is to replace the N line characters into one, to reach our two paragraphs only need a line break between the target. (If it is a paragraph marker, the same)

With the replacement of Word can not only replace the extra paragraph markers, web page line break, at the same time, you can replace the document edit the space, special characters, and so on, here only to guide, what can be specific to do what needs their own to ponder.

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