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Today is going to buy a domain name, but accidentally purchased a year of domain name trading member Services.

Originally I have a discount code in GoDaddy, You can use a 6.95 dollar price to buy a domain name (the normal price is 8.95 dollars), but today I am going to buy a new domain name, found that the discount code expired, is disappointed, but accidentally found that there is another one of GoDaddy new concessions, that is, only need to buy a service of the domain name, you can buy 1.99 of dollars A domain name.

At this time I found that if the purchase of GoDaddy domain name trading platform Tdnam member service for one year, the price is only 4.99 U.S. dollars, plus the domain name of 1.99 U.S. dollars, but also only 6.98 dollars, very cost-effective, so I took a breath to both of these purchased.

Payment I use is PayPal payment, very fast and safe, I do not want to use my credit card payment, one of the domestic credit card security do not good, and I have a lot of PayPal in the United States dollar, I did not bring its collection back (it is said that someone collected PayPal cheque failed), Simply spend it all in foreign countries, but also save the collection so troublesome.

I personally think that GoDaddy's domain name service is very good, full-featured, prices are very cheap, GoDaddy's domain name trading market Tdnam is a good service, domain name holders and investors can carry out domain name transactions and trading.

Tdnam is an annual fee system, which charges 4.95 dollars a year. Their transaction fee is 5%, and the minimum charge is 5 dollars. This time the purchase of its Tdnam member services, just on top of the sale of several of my registered free domain name, to see if the transaction is smooth.

However, GoDaddy also has some shortcomings, because I have 12 hours of time difference between here and the United States, I send a letter during the day, usually their technical support is still in the dream incense, and when they wake up to me, I also go to sleep, such a result is a support feedback information usually have to wait a day to receive.

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