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Qtcreator is really tough to use. Use vim. Plug-in omnicppcompletion, generate the tags of STL and qt4 as the basis for all-around completion, and then generate

Tags is used as a jump and complete update.


Different from the reference:

1. The generated tags is stored in ~ /. Vim/tags/qt4 /&~ /. Vim/tags/STL/directory (Debian qt4 header files are placed in/usr/include/qt4, opensuse and mandriva are placed in/usr/lib/qt4/include ).

2. when syntax is modified, the global configuration file/usr/share/Vim/vim73/syntax/CPP is not selected. vim (and not in C. in Vim), but in ~ /. Vim/Under the Directory

Create a new directory syntax and copy CPP. Vim to this directory. In this way, the global data is not modified, and it is easy to recover if an error occurs.

Wolf @ Debian :~ $ Ls. Vim/syntax/<br/> CPP. Vim python3.0.vim python. Vim <br/>


Qt4 statement: connect, signal, slot added to cppstatement

23 SYN keyword cppstatement new Delete this friend using connect signal slot <br/>


In addition, secret is added to cpptype.

In the file, Syn keyword cpptype can be accumulated, and does not overwrite the same type of configuration before the change statement. So you can add

This statement.

62 SYN keyword cpptype activeqt q3accel q3action q3actiongroup publish please refer to the following link for more information: q3groupbox too large q3h buttongroup too q3header q3http too large limit q3ico ndragitem too large limit terator limit q3memarray limit q3pro networktocol please refer to q3objectdictionary syntax when creating q3picture q3pointarray q3polygon=%q3process when creating a alog q3ptrbucket %%%%%%%%%%%%q3serversocket q3shared q3signal q3s %%%q3socket %%q3spin factory users cannot publish messages without creating q3store ddrag issue q3strivec publish Q 3 publish q3table q3tableitem publish q3textbrowser publish it publish q3textstream q3textview q3timeedit publish q3url publish Q3 vboxlayout zookeeper zookeeper Q3 valuevector zookeeper qbitarray qbitref qbool qbytearray qbytearraymatch er qbyteref qcoord qcache qchar qcharref qchildevent qconststring qcoreapplication qcustomevent qdatastream QD <br/>









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