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The process of upgrading vim under MAC and configuring Vim Yourself

/molokai'Plugin'Vim-scripts/phd'Plugin'Lokaltog/vim-powerline'Plugin'Octol/vim-cpp-enhanced-highlight'Plugin'raimondi/delimitmate'"End of plugin listCall vundle#end () filetype plugin indent on"color schemeSet background=Darkcolorscheme solarized"ColorScheme Molokai"ColorScheme PhD"Disable the display of menus and toolbarsSet guioptions-=Mset guioptions-=T"Always show status barSet laststatus=2"Prohibit fol

Vim series 1-mac, VI and VIM are God-like editors, how to delete multiple lines

Mac, vi and VIM is God-like editor, how to delete multiple lines, at the beginning, very confused.The following is an example of editing the host fileFirst, in terminal, enter vim/etc/hosts and press RETURN.Enter the default mode of VIM.Vim has three modes of command mode, edit mode, and default modePress ESC to enter the command mode, you can use the exit, save

Vim's DIY configuration under Mac (Linux vim Universal)

Vim's DIY preference configuration under Mac"First execute:"CP/USR/SHARE/VIM/VIMRC ~/.VIMRC"Copy the default configuration file, and then execute:"Vim ~/.VIMRC"Edit the file at the end of the file to add"Syntax on"Save to exit"========================== below is the configuration content =================="Configuration file for VimSet Modelines=0 "cve-2007-2438"

Mac Editor Vim Landscaping

Tags: Lin share image version wildcard technology edit Bundle INIMac Editor Vim LandscapingContents Environment Effect rendering Installation Quick Start EnvironmentMAC10.13.6,VIM7 (this version of Mac comes with vim 7), GitThere are two configuration files for vim under MacOne is the location

Install and use vim to insert latex suite in Mac and ubuntu

Mac install using Vim plugin Latex-suite Vim has a Latex plug-in ~ with a good ~ looks like the IDE does not have code hints and so on. Win under the tutorial more, directly next to the next step can be. Mac I follow the official website of the instruction also had some problems, now recorded down to share. First look

Setting up Latex-vim (or latex-suite) plugin within Macvim under Mac OSX Yosemite 2015-1-20 by Congliu

1. Overview: Vim is a text-editing program under the command line, Gvim is a graphical version of Vim under Linux, and Macvim is a graphical version of the Mac Latex-vim is a plugin for vim when writing latex files Skim is a PDF reading software under

Why does CentOS bring the vim with automatic completion, and the Mac comes with no

Title, I was looking at some of the CentOS help, found its own vim default with auto complement function, is ctrl+x, and then ctrl+o out of things. However, the Mac comes with Vim, I modified some of the VIM under the Mac configuration, such as open code highlighting, but th

Mac Vim Shell Configuration

/2531142.html "Configuration file for vimSet modelines=0 "cve-2007-2438set Nu colorscheme Molokai"normally we use vim-extensions. If you want true vi-compatibility "Remove Change the following statementsSet nocompatible"Use Vim defaults instead of 100% VI compatibilitySet backspace=2 "More powerful backspacing "Don ' t write backup file if Vim is being ca

Install VIM 7.4 notes under Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10.5)

Summary Objective Requirements clash with Mac OS X's own vim version Default Python interpreter problem Not a Mac comes with Python Homebrew 1. PrefaceThis article is a record of my own death toss.2. Conflict between demand and Mac OS X's own

Let vim better use for Mac OS X

Directory download compression package wget decompression Compression Package unzip MV taglist_45 TagList running in vim: helptags to generate online Help tags Related settings: "TagList let Tlist_use_right_window = 1 let Tlist_exit_onlywindow = 1 let tlist_show_one_file = 1 " Sort Type ' name ' or ' order ' let tlist_sort_type = ' name ' let tlist_compact_format

Setting up a VIM environment under Mac

Tags: Manage open exists His LTE nbsp Useful load PicturesThe IDE under the Mac is really bad, eventually giving up the IDE ready to use VIM to see the code, then you need to set up vim.Place the home directory below. The VIMRC in Vim is replaced with the following:"Set vundle Settings here"git clone ~/.

Mac configuration vim from zero

following configuration at the beginning of the configuration file:"---START of vundle---set Nocompatiblefiletype off set Rtp+=~/.vim/bundle/vundle.vimcall vundle#begin () Plugin ' Vundlevim/vundle.vim ' "Plugins start" Plugins endcall vundle#end () filetype plugin indent on "---end of vundle---5. General process for installing plug-ins with VundleFind the plugin on GitHub and write down the name. Vim. VIM

Mac &linux Vim Configure

Both Mac and Linux vim reads the local user directory's configuration fileThe current user home directory creates a new file. VIMRC inside the parameter when vim starts, it automatically loadsReprinted from: the installation of Debian, the remote SSH login, VIM

Vim+golang development environment Construction under MAC

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. It took a lot of effort today to fix the development environment for VIM Golang under Mac, Mark.Basic Reference Http:// ...There are a few things to be aware of I installed under the Mac, the current Mac defaul

tutorial on adding a status hint bar to the command line interface and VIM in Mac OS

What is powerline If you're not searching through a search engine for this article, you may not have heard of powerline. And you happen to be a *unix party, or vim party, so strongly suggest you understand and use powerline. Powerline is a stateless status line, a global status/hint bar. If you succeed in powerline for your bash,terminal,iterm2,vim configuration, then the effect will be this:

Vim configuration on mac

This time, I tried to configure ralis's vim Development Environment on mac. The record is as follows: 1. macVim is available on mac, but not in the root directory of the user. vim folder, so you need to manually mkdir 2. created. after vim, need to build a series of subdirec

Mac Configuration Vim-go

configuration environment is fine. Focus on the problems encountered: 1.Goroot. Gopath. Gopath. GOBIN. Goarch.Configuration because I am operating under the Mac, although the Mac is a UNIX retrofit, you need to be careful not to write Linux. Goarch needs to be written in Darwin. Directly on the configuration diagram. SOURCE ~/.bash_profile effective immediately 2. Since I'm using iterm instead of bash, I'v

MAC Vim Iterm2 color scheme

Transferred from: that long-term immersion in the terminal and the code of the small partners have their own favorite color scheme. Used to be a simple, readable color scheme, the MacBook Pro with Retina display found this color time to look a little tired. Constantly someone recommend solarized, read some, feel good, decided to try.Solarized is curren

VIM 8.0 Installation experience on Mac OS

VIM 8.0 to be released before Mid-Autumn festival The best-use-to-install Vim on Unix-to-use the sources. This requires a compiler and its support files. Compiling Vim isn ' t difficult at all. You can simply type ' make install ' when your is happy with the default features. Edit the Makefile in the ' src ' directory to select specific features. Us

How to turn on vim syntax highlighting and displaying line numbers in Mac OS X

VIM (Wikipedia map)Vim is a fairly powerful command-line editor that originates from UNIX platforms, but it's not a good thing that Mac OS X does not have a lot of Linux distributions on top of Vim's awesome horse code highlighting AH, automatic indentation ah god horse. (Translator Note: The Linux distribution can usually be changed by editing the/ETC/VIMRC file

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