Calling the Downloaddata method must be replaced by a call to the async version

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The constructor of the parent class is called in the subclass, and the parameters of the response can be passed, which is used when it is first identified (PS: Used only in the subclass constructor). So the question is: if the parent class constructor is private, can the subclass be super-called?

It is well known that the field, Construc, method is not allowed to be accessed by the outside world, so super should not be called.

Event delegates are a way of event binding in jquery, unlike common event bindings that bind events on the target element, but instead bind events on the parent element to execute the binding function through event bubbling.

A year ago, when RN was launched, the amazing mobile development industry, everyone exclaimed that native development could do the same-cross-platform, dynamic publishing, concise JSX syntax, a variety of development tools and debugging tools. I was also a fervent advocate of Rn, and many of the ideas at that time seemed to have led a generation of innovation. Now, after doing more than a year of native dynamic work, found that the problem behind RN is heavy.

In the previous versions of EASYPR, the most popular criticism was the poor positioning, especially in the face of life scenes (such as cell phone shots). Since the earliest data of EASYPR is from the bayonet, the data of the bayonet is optimized, and there is no strategy to deal with the picture in the life scene better. Later a version (v1.3) added the color positioning method, which improved the phenomenon, but the resolution of the larger picture processing is still not good. Coupled with the color positioning in the face of low-light, low-contrast images when the processing effect is greatly reduced, the color itself is an unstable feature. Therefore, the overall robustness of EASYPR's license plate location is still insufficient.

Of course, different types of extensions use and use them differently, but they work in a similar way as they are developed.

If you think this is a bad thing to translate, just step on it. If you feel worthy of encouragement, thank you for leaving your praise, may love the technology of the park friends in the future every time should be a drastic breakthrough, do not choose to quit. In each time should think independently, do not choose to drift, should go all out, do not choose to do their best, live up to every second the meaning of existence.

This program is a complete machine learning process, first write a Python-based crawler script, crawl the target forum site comments to local storage, and then use the Bayesian classification model to classify the comments, predict whether the new comments are spam comments. If you encounter the problem of large data volume, the Bayesian algorithm can be written in MapReduce mode, map is responsible for dividing the data set into key-value pair format, the class number is key, the attribute vector is value,reduce to summarize each class of prior probability and conditional probability, the master server summarizes all the statistics of the class.

The previous section mentioned specification implementation of the query function, the main implementation of the Where function, but the query also needs data bearer, the query entity is the bearer of data, where the data to the expression or SQL splicing is implemented in the GetFilter, here to pay attention to the wording especially Expression=expression. and (XXX). Be sure to assign a value to yourself. Searchbase is just a generic limit and there's no implementation for the moment.

There are many ways to solve these problems, and below I will provide three different ways to write the code to illustrate the difference between them.

Recently, I often run the Java Group Guest to help develop, so recently some basic knowledge of Java especially. It is the case that the original object remains in its original state when it is necessary to copy an object deep into other things. (I really don't want to be a new one and then assign values to a bunch of fields ...) Well, before that I don't care if the project framework has a deep copy of the method, and then think about it with reflection .... Next

But the algorithm book does not have a specific implementation algorithm, just recently also read PHP source code, so reference PHP hashtable implementation, their own implementation of a simple version of the Hashtable, summed up some of the experience, the following for everyone to share.

Recently in a H5 game, there is a scene in the game, two countdown at the same time at the beginning of a minute countdown, the two almost at the same time started, theoretically, I hope the result is they can count down to 0 almost simultaneously, but, actually found that in a period of time, they produced a great error (more than one second) , so, really realize that the JS timer is so unreliable. Why not a reliable. This article comes to the conclusion of the rationale.

As the saying goes, no reading, no one to read, two days without reading, openings will be rough, three days without reading, IQ to pigs. So, in order to keep their "IQ" on the pig, will force themselves to read something every day ^_^. But in the information explosion era of energy and very limited to us, in the face of the ever-changing technology, what should we do?

In fact, a lot of times just need to master a probably good.

When I was doing the test, I liked to apply the framework of 5W1H, and later found out that the framework was not only suitable for testing, understanding the business of the system, but also suitable for the study of knowledge--this idea coincides with the following article, so turn it.

Calling the Downloaddata method must be replaced by a call to the async version

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