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The camera is not detected
Phenomenon: My PC can not detect the USB Pc-camera.
Methods: Check the operating system, BIOS, USB interface, and installation errors.
Step: If you are installing Windows 95, it does not support USB ports. You must update to the Windows 98,win 98 support USB port. Check the BIOS Setup to make the USB device valid. If the above method is invalid, try connecting the USB camera to the second USB port. You may have installed the wrong driver or selected the wrong device, follow these steps to view the system device and install the correct driver again: In Control Panel, double-click the System icon. Select the Device Manager (Device Manager) tab from the System Properties dialog window. Double-click Other devices to view the content. Select Unknown Device (Unknown Device) and click the Remove button, click Update, and the system will find a new device to install the camera driver according to the installation steps.
Description: This is a more complex issue and requires a variety of attempts. Please take more patience and troubleshoot the camera itself.
2. Color deviation
Phenomenon: The new camera installed, the result found that the quality of the display image disappointments: strange color, a nondescript feeling. Is it a partial color? Or what color is wrong? That's not good.
Methods: Adjust the color-related settings in the video capture program; change the PCI/VGA Palette snoop settings;
Step: Please refer to the specific software used by your camera to adjust the color-related settings in your video capture program.
When you press del key to enter the BIOS setup, with the cursor key to select "Bios Features Setup", "PCI/VGA Palette Snoop", the default is "Disabled." The PgUp key selects "Enabled". Press ESC to exit, press F10 key, press "Y" to save and exit Setup.
Description: The fault associated with PCI/VGA Palette Snoop is a common failure. Video capture cards and other color confusion can also be resolved through this setting.
3, video display image color is not positive
Phenomenon: I bought a new camera video image color is not normal, like the use of years of display, the color began abnormal, after a period of time to be good.
Method: The camera adjusts automatically.
Step: Please wait for 20-30 seconds, let Auto White (automatic whitening) to balance or correct.
Description: For ordinary cameras, the need for artificial white, I was shooting "Computer Night" has been deeply experienced. Every time before filming, I have to hold the white paper, waiting for the camera to turn white.
4, the Network Camera slow
Phenomenon: Just bought back the camera, after the installation of the Internet, feel the display speed is very slow, replaced the ISP, changed several Internet dialing locations, the result is slow. Brainwave, hang up the phone, in the time does not go online test the camera, found this time the image display is very slow, what should I do?
Method: Upgrade computer hardware.
Step: slightly.
Note: In view of the above, it is likely that the computer performance is too low, please replace the Graphics accelerator card, if not, please upgrade the CPU and motherboard, or even replace a new computer. Because, individual accessories after the update, performance is vulnerable to an old part of the constraints.
5, the camera can not be shared with the camera
Phenomenon: My camera cannot be used as an input device with the camera.
Method: Install the camera application software.
Step: slightly.
Description: Some cameras have such driver software, video for Windows (Windows Videos) and direct show Device Driver (direct display settings driver), it is for camera use, It can be used as a general-purpose video input device with other Windows devices, including cameras.
6. Slow Display speed
Phenomenon: When surfing the internet, I used the camera, but found that the camera's display speed is too slow.
Method: Change a place to surf the Internet or change an ISP.
Step: If you are at home now online, there is such a problem, you may wish to take a camera to change a place (such as: Office) internet. Of course, I hope the two are not the same telephone. Home and unit at the same telephone company will have no effect.
If you are using the account of the Oriental Netscape, you may wish to use 263 of the account or 169 of the account online, see how fast?
263 Username: 263, Password: 263, Tel: 2631 or 2632.
169 Username: 169, Password: 169, Tel: 169 or 26050000.
Description: Camera display speed is very typical, because the network bandwidth is not enough to cause network congestion, or telephone line quality is not good.
7. Video Pre-display image
Phenomenon: The video of my camera is too bright or too dim, is it a quality problem?
Method: Adjust brightness and contrast background.
Step: See specific application software.
Note: You should also start by using the environment and intake objects, such as removing the light source or increasing the brightness of the object.
8, the use of the flower screen appears
Phenomenon: I use the camera when the flower screen. May I ask what the reason might be?
Methods: Check the driver installation and possible conflicting devices.
Step: Check whether the driver of the camera matches the camera model. You can also change the display card test because the camera may not be compatible with the display card or display driver.
Description: In the case of a flower screen with the mesh "EC300 PC CAMERA WDM CAPTURE", it is most likely incompatible with the 6326 4MB AGP video card. Perhaps the driver is not installed correctly (it is recommended that you reinstall the driver). If you use the popular SIS 6326 chip display card, this problem can easily occur. If you cannot fix the problem from the driver upgrade of the display card, you can only replace the display card.
9, the camera and other video input devices shared
Phenomenon: I installed the camera after installing the camera. Since then I do not know which device I am using, each time to look from the camera or camera before I know which device is "service." How to set the default device.
Method: Selecting a device is effective and excluding other devices.
Step: Make a video intake driver effective by following these steps: Open the Control Panel, and double-click the Multimedia (multimedia) icon. Select "Video", "Appliance" (Device). Open the list of video Capture devices and double-click the name of Pc-camera, which opens a dialog box that displays the properties of the camera. Make the driver valid as required. Since you have chosen a device, it is not possible to invalidate the remaining devices. Only such a clumsy method can be used at the moment.
Note: When using a variety of video intake devices, the computer will use the default device. However, it is not easy to set the default print device as easily as a printer device in Win 9x, and there is no simpler way to determine the default device. Therefore, the best approach is to select one through a series of steps.
10, screen or black screen
Phenomenon: In the use process, after the pop-up image box, appear white screen or black screen.
Methods: Check the software settings.
Step: Please refer to the instructions in the note to change the settings.
Description: Such a problem may be more frustrating and may take several attempts, at which point you will be longing for a good manual with a troubleshooting. Take the Golden Eye camera product as an example, the cause is "Preview" under the "Option" menu is not open, please double-click and wait 5-10 seconds.
11, the camera is not working properly in the notebook
Phenomenon: The original brand desktop computer can normally use the camera, connected to the laptop after the use of abnormal. Does it conflict with what device on the laptop? There is no yellow symbol in Device Manager.
Method: Try reducing the speed of your graphics display card.
Step: Right click on the desktop, select Properties, Settings, performance, and hardware acceleration from 4th gear gradually reduced to the last gear, see if the problem can be solved. If you can, please gradually improve the grade until you find a balance point that can solve the problem.
Description: Camera and display card is most likely to conflict, after the problem, in addition to looking for the camera itself, in peripherals, the first to check the obvious
12, ask: Dealers and I said, this camera can run 30 frames per second, I go home a try, not at all, but why the product manufacturers in the manual also said to achieve this speed? Am I not using the correct method?
A: A lot of people on this issue have misunderstood, product manufacturers to provide video capture speed and we use VCD playback software said the speed there are some differences. This difference is mainly reflected in the unit. You should take a look, the average manufacturer provides the unit is CIF. CIF can be seen as a fixed-resolution nickname, CIF is the 352*288 resolution. The camera at this resolution is ideal for up to 30 frames per second, similar to the nickname:
From the actual speed, the computer camera in the Qsif, Qcif state to reach 30fps, in the SIF, CIF state of 20~26fps; in the VGA state 10fps is normal; Of course, if your camera speed is lower than this, you must go with the dealer theory.
13. Q: I have joined a video input device on my computer, so how do I use the camera I just bought?
A: When you have a variety of video input devices, the system will use the default device. This may affect your use of the newly purchased computer camera. The best way to do this is to make the drivers for other video input devices temporarily out of use, and perform the following steps:
1. Open the Control Panel and double-click the Multimedia (multimedia) icon.
2, select "Multimedia", and then select the "Devices" page (Device).
3, open "Video Capture Device" (Capture devies), and then double-click the name of an existing capture device to open a dialog box to display the camera's properties.
4, then you can be specific video device driver set to valid or invalid.
14, my home camera lens is a bit dirty, how to clean it?
A: The lens of a computer camera usually needs little cleaning. If necessary, it is best to use dry, linen-free cloth or professional lens paper to wipe, wipe should not be on the lens pressure. Gently on the lens to avoid scratching the lens.
15. Q: I want to get the camera to use outdoors, can I?
A: Computer cameras are not designed for outdoor use. In the absence of proper protection, it is best not to be exposed to outdoor conditions; temperature and humidity can cause damage to the camera.
16. Q: Every time I turn on the camera, the color of the video screen is always strange, but after a while will be good, what is going on?
A: This is not a problem, the camera in a few seconds after the boot need to preheat, and then the automatic brightness control will adjust the current color to normal.
17, Q: In some applications, after the pop-up image frame, white screen or black screen, no video signal, but the camera is on the light, it has no work?
A: It may be that the preview function (Preview) in a specific application is not turned on.
18. Q: When my computer wakes from sleep mode, the camera (USB interface) can no longer work! What to do? Does it have to be restarted?
A: You can try to unplug the camera from the USB connector and reinsert it.

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