Camtasia Studio Professional screen recording and video editing software

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?? Camtasia Studio is a software suite for screen recording and editing. The software provides powerful screen recording (Camtasia Recorder), video editing and editing (Camtasi Studio), video menu production (Camtasia menumaker), Video Theatre (Camtasi Theater) and video playback functions (Camtasia player). With this set of software, users can easily record and dub screen operations, video clips and transitions, add captions and watermarks, create video covers and menus, compress and play video.
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Installation Method:
Reference: Camtasia Studio Chinese version of the installation method
Video Tutorials:
Website Video Tutorial
Camtasia Video Recorder
Recording screen functions

The Camtasia recorder makes it easy to record screen movements in any color mode, including cursor Movement, menu selection, pop-ups, cascading windows, typing, and everything else you can see on the screen. In addition to recording the screen, the Camtasia record allows you to draw and add effects on the screen while recording, so you can mark the highlights you want to record.
Record ppt function

Using the Camtasia Studio ppt plugin, you can quickly record PPT videos and convert them into interactive videos on the web, or into most video formats, such as AVI, SWF, etc.
(3) Whether you are recording a screen or PPT, you can record audio and video recordings of your webcam while recording. In the final video, you can embed the camera video in a PIP format into the main video.
When recording, you can add markers, add system icons, add titles, add sound effects, add mouse effects, or draw when you're recording.
Camtasia Studio (editor)
You can create a Camtasia studio project to repeat the changes many times later.
On the timeline, you can cut a selection, hide or show part of the video, split the video clip, extend the video frame to fit the sound, change the duration of the clip or frame, adjust the clip speed to make a fast-forward or slow-release effect, save the current frame as an image, and add markers to generate the video catalog;
You can also make sound editing, record voice narration, make sound enhancement, save the sound file as MP3 or WAV file;
You can also add effects to your videos, such as creating title clips, auto-focusing, manually adding zoom keyframes, editing scale keyframes, adding labels, adding transitions, adding captions, quick quizzes and surveys, PIP, and adding metadata.
In Camtasia Studio (editor) You can also make videos in a variety of formats:
Make Flash (mpeg-4,flv or SWF)
Make Windows Media Player program (WMV)
Making QuickTime Movie (MOV)
Making AVI
Make Ipod,iphone or Ituner (M4V)
Make audio only (MP3)
Make real Media (RM)
Making Camtasia for RealPlayer (CAMV)
Make animation file (GIF)
You can also make further settings such as video size, video options, tag-based custom view, post-processing (post-production) options, create additional output options, save production settings as presets, create a selection on the timeline for video, preview production settings, batch-make packaging and display executables, Package and display AVI options, package and display SWF options, package and display the CAMV option.

Camtasia Studio Professional screen recording and video editing software

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