Can Fliggy travel be done with flowers? Is it cheaper to buy a ticket for Fliggy travel?

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It is understood that Fliggy also cooperated with Alipay to launch travel installment payment, and cooperated with Sesame Credit to make "credit" payment after accommodation.

On the eve of the Double 11 this year, Alibaba group proposed a global upgrade strategy of "global purchase and global sale", requiring that buyers and sellers at home and abroad be connected. In this context, after brand updates, Fliggy focuses its business on outbound travel.

On the eve of the Double 11 shopping holiday, Trina Solar, Nikko, Marriott, Hilton, Shangri-La and other top global tourism brands were announced as the Fliggy platform. In addition, nearly 30 international airlines that had previously entered the Fliggy platform, a large number of international hotel brands, and famous overseas travel companies such as Disney, the Fliggy circle of friends is "unprecedentedly powerful ".

Interestingly, Fliggy, whose daily transaction volume is 2.17 billion odd, does not operate or sell goods on its own in terms of hotels, air tickets, vacations, and visas. It is only used as a platform, let sellers in their "circle of friends" open their own stores. These businesses are big to international giants, small to well-known but small and beautiful start-up companies. Fliggy gives them large traffic and big data, gives them technical force, gives them a brand marketing carnival atmosphere, and uses the Internet to shorten the distance between sellers and consumers and enhance user experience.

With Alibaba's big data, Fliggy can help sellers accurately analyze and push consumers. In the future, Fliggy and Alipay will cooperate with each other to ensure hotel credit and accommodation, relying on Alipay's credit system and Ant Financial's credit system, to achieve deposit-free, queuing-free, and ward round-free, it revolutionizes the old hotel industry.

Although there was a so-called online tourism, it was essentially a passive net access in the traditional travel industry. The Fliggy model is the opposite. A group of non-tourism Alibaba people actively inject Internet genes into the tourism industry to upgrade and transform traditional businesses, this is an unprecedented business model for tourism.

That's exactly the same. From startups to international giant companies, they are willing to join the new platform of Fliggy, get the internet potential of Fliggy, and make things bigger together. During the Double 11 shopping carnival, more than 50 sellers sold more than yuan, forming a win-win model for consumers, merchants and Fliggy platforms.

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